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17 vie for commission seat

One woman and 16 men vying for the  Box Elder County commissioner seat vacated by LuAnn Adams addressed members of the county’s  Republican committee at Box Elder High School Thursday night.  Those committee members will now have the responsible of chosen one of the candidates to fill the  open position.  The name of the person selected will be announced Saturday morning, 9 a.m., at Century Elementary School in Bear River City.  That name will then be presented to the two remaining commissioners for approval.  That action, as well as the swearing in of the new commissioner, will take place during a special commission meeting on Monday at noon.

Here is a thumbnail of each of the candidates’ comments and their opinion on the three biggest focal points for the county :

RobertsPaul Roberts   Resident of county since 1978.  Retired from Thiokol.  Fish Biologist.  Believes in the Constitution, pragmatic government.  “Be your own man and stick to principles.  Prepare for growth, Manage growth, Industrial Development





VAnDykeRich VanDyke  Brigham City businessman.  Has experience, past commissioner.  “I can hit the ground running.  Ready to move into the position.”  Economic Development, Tourism, Tax Base

MeachamDeLoy Meacham Businessman for 30 years.  Thinks there are places in the budget to cut and nothing should be spend that isn’t necessary.  “Country is slowing slipping away from us.” Jobs, Strong Middle Class, Water

Garrett Teresa Garrett  Served on School Board 7.5 years.  24 years as an EMT with Thatcher Fire Department.  “We need to make decisions that are best for the majority.” Jobs, Economic Development, Strong Infrastructure.

KawaKenny Kawa  Will work fulltime in the position of commissioner  “Rules and regulations should protect all parties involved.” Power, Water, Utopia

ReesCraig Rees  Parents taught him to get involved.  Served as studentbody president at Utah State University.  “I am the candidate to bring jobs back to the county.”  Economic Development, Fiscal Responsibility, Long-term Planning

HawkesNick Hawkes   Diesel mechanic for Box Elder County.  No political experience.  “I will strive to make a difference.” Growth, Taxes, Water

HolmgrenRich Holmgren   Served two terms as Bear River City mayor.  Thinks county has a diverse population but “each individual voice needs to be heard.” Economic Development, Infrastructure, Financial Planning

John Denton John  From Portage.  Doctorate degree.  Served on school board in California, also mayor.  Would take no salary for commission post.  “The things I do, I do passionately, I do right.” Develop General Plan, Strategic Plan, Protect Private Property Rights

Forsgren David Forsgren  Three-term mayor of Honeyville.  28 years on city council.  28 years on Bear River Water Conservancy District.  “I have the knowledge, the leadership experience, the time and the ability.”  Less Government Involvement, Taxes, Strong Law Enforcement

munns1Clint Munns  Four generation farmer.  Served as vice president of the North Garland Water Company.  “I will continue the values of Box Elder County.”  Tourism Dollars, Strong Legal Force, Better All Aspects of the County

GarnJohn Garn   Important to listen.  There should be moderate and controlled growth.  “There needs to be new minds to run the county.”  Infrastructure, Planned Growth, Fiscal Responsibility

Kent Jeff Kent  Retired.  Serves on West Corinne Water Company.  Member of Fair Board.  “I believe character and commitment are important.”  Economic Growth, Careful Taxing, Property Rights

Scott Jeff Scott   Graduate of Bear River High School and Utah State University.  Lives in Brigham City.  Believes the county is well run.  “I would like to continue to see it run that way.”  Tourism, Growth, Unified Direction for the County

BraeggerDel Braegger  Served as mayor of Willard, 20 years as city manager, 20 years as Chief of Police.  “I am retired and I have the time.”  Taxes, infrastructure, Maintain Agriculture

Koyle Don Koyle  20 years in the county.  Businessman.  Garland City Council.  “Stir the county to accomplish more with less.” Taxes Economic Growth, Safety

McGaha Kevin McGaha   12 years as a prosecutor.  Believes good communications is key.  “Talk early and often.”  Tax Assessment Process, Jobs, Growth










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