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Promontory Pointers 1-22-14

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Ron Porter, who lost everything he owned when his rented home burned to the ground on Jan. 8, has been released from the hospital. He is residing temporarily in Brigham City until a permanent home can be found for him. He is feeling much better.

Molina, a firefighter from Corinne, has opened an account at Mountain West Bank in his name, Ronald Porter. If anyone would like to donate monetarily just go to the bank and see one of the tellers there.

It would be appreciated if anyone who wants to donate clothing, home furnishings or food, would make a list of these items and submit it to one of the two following bishops: Bishop Norman in Corinne or Bishop Yale King of the Thatcher-Penrose 2nd Ward. This would help prevent duplication of major items. You may also contact these men to get information on clothing and shoe sizes.

Gathering of the items will begin as soon as Ron has a permanent home to live in.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen spoke at the Bothwell ward Sunday. They shared their experiences from their time in Nauvoo, Ill.

Orson reports work on his antique wheelbarrow is coming slowly. He is learning as he goes. Jeannette is sewing and embroidering quilt blocks for a special project.

Zane and Laura Wheatley and daughters Everly and Georgia went sledding on neighbor El O’Driscoll’s steep and slippery hill a few times this past week. Georgia is now a Sunbeam at church and is enjoying being like her older sister.

Jim and Starr Mitchell received a very special email from daughter-in-law Ashley. The email also contained a picture of Gabrielle Mitchell sitting in Charlie the dog’s bed pointing to pictures in her favorite book and “reading” all about them to the patient animal. Gabby is not quite a year and a half old.

Boyd Udy went to a ranch roping at the Tremonton indoor arena Saturday. His good horse Crocker went, too. Although the horse is now 18 Boyd can’t leave him home. “Crocker loves to do ranch stuff and is always ready to hop into the trailer,” Boyd says. He also mentions that these ropings are among friends and everyone has a good time.

Cleo and Gary Petit are just doing normal things around their home and yard. “We’re ok,” Cleo says. “We’re just trying to avoid icy spots.”

On Monday Winnie Richman and El O’Driscoll loaded some hay on the Richman’s hay wagon and couldn’t get out of the driveway. El figured it out: There was too much hay (weight) on the back of the wagon, thus keeping the truck’s back wheels from gripping the driveway. By unloading the back bale of hay Winnie was able to go tearing up the driveway and get out. El brought the bale of hay up to the road with the tractor, loaded it again, and they went to feed the cows at winter pasture.

That evening Winnie received a call from Nila Kay Christensen, a high school chum, and the one who introduced Winnie to the joys of Grouse Creek living.

On Wednesday at 5:15 a.m., Winnie received an urgent call from Ellen Cook to go take a picture of the fire at the Ron Porter residence. Winnie went.

A huge thank you goes to all who helped to put the fire out. Thank goodness no one was injured.

On Thursday Winnie had an appointment at the Brigham City Hospital. She thanks the staff and technician for a pleasant and informative time.

On Friday Winnie stayed on the ranch. She didn’t stay home, exactly, but enjoyed feeding bales of hay to the horses and heifers in the field behind the house and another bale of hay to the bulls in their corral. Then she stayed home until chore time.


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