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Promontory Pointers 1-15-14

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen made a short trip to Rigby, Idaho, for a couple of days. They stayed with a couple they met in Nauvoo. They also met some of the couple’s family members from the area. Although there were good roads up and back, the trip still took almost three hours each way.
Jeannette Poulsen went to a neurosurgeon’s office for a check-up recently on the advice of her doctor. The neurosurgeon had good news: The tumor in the MRI might not be a new tumor, but the old one that was still healing. She will need another MRI in six months, but is comfortable with this diagnosis.
Jim and Starr Mitchell had occasion to help neighbor and dear friend Ron Porter with his truck last week. They also took him home and then a few days later, to a doctor in Salt Lake City. He was transferred to the University of Utah Hospital for surgery. He is doing well and is in stable condition. We wish him well.
Jim and Starr awoke to a power outage. After calling a few neighbors to see if the power had failed at several homes (it had not), Starr went outside to check her transformer. It was open, showing the main fuse needing replacing. Starr called Rocky Mountain Power who came immediately. The cause of the fuse blowing out was a great horned owl which took his dead pheasant up to eat and one touched one wire and the other touched the other wire electrocuting the great horned owl. The couple is saddened by the demise of the owl because it was one of a pair they had been watching this winter.
On New Year’s Eve, Jim and Starr served dinner to a small party of people. Part of the dinner was ham and clam chowder. Starr reports that Elvis the rooster had his comb partially frozen in this cold weather. He is very friendly, but kind of old. The rest of the chickens are kept in their coop with a light to keep them warm. They are giving one or two eggs a day. Elvis is in with them.
Gary and Cleo Petit report being part of Jim and Starr’s dinner party. They had fun. “We are starting a new year,” Cleo says, “and will just have to go from there.”
Laura Wheatley dressed Everly and Georgia warmly and took them out in the snow. She then taught them how to pack snow in their hands to make snowballs. The rest of their outside time was spent throwing snowballs at the chicken coop. She thinks the girls are pretty good shots. She also feels the family is overdue for a visit to the bookmobile.
Boyd Udy is helping his family’s cutter racing teams again this winter. He says the teams are doing well and the family is having fun. There are five clubs participating, but only 18 races. Boyd remembers a time when there were many more races in an afternoon. “How times change,” he says. He also comments that he is ready for warmer weather.
Winnie Richman gives a big thanks to Eileen Stone, a loyal reader of this column, for her recent note. “You made my day,” Winnie says.
On Monday ,son Lyle and Reagen and Brantzen Richman came out to help Winnie. Tia Gonzales came, too, to help in the fun of sledding down the slippery hill. Winnie needs to purchase some snow discs for the kids to use!
On Tuesday, Jess Daniels came to bring comfort to the feet of paint gelding Jack and stallion Tad. Both horses are much improved and feeling frisky.
New Year’s Day was quiet at the Double S Bar Ranch. Early chores, lots of sleep and good food, late chores and watering, and early to bed after the news sums up the day.
On Friday Greg and Heather Lott came out to feed the animals on the home place and the cows at winter pasture. Greg and his good Chev and Winnie in Clynn’s good Ford are making it through the snow in pretty good style this winter.


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