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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley started Christmas shopping and finished just about the same day.  She said her daughters were really excited about the coming of Christmas and decorated and undecorated the tree several times.  Laura is teaching them about the meaning of Christmas.
Jeannette Poulsen’s daughter Micki came up from Law Vegas for a pre-Christmas visit.  Orson and Jeanette traveled to Sandy to visit with her and her children.  They all had a family Christmas get-together.
Gary Petit reports he and Cleo just get up and chase each other around for something to do besides watching television.  Cleo reports trying to stay warm.
Winnie Richman got ready for Christmas.  She planned on having Christmas dinner at home for Clynn, Aaron and family, and Lyle and family.
Sunday morning while Winnie was in the library at church, a lady and her daughter walked in and asked for scissors and some tape.  After providing for them, Winnie noticed a nice violin case at the younger lady’s feet.
“Oh, do you play the violin?” Winnie asked.
“Yes, I’m learning,” the daughter answered.
In the hope of inspiring the girl to keep up the violin learning, Winnie asked, “Have you heard any of Jenny Oaks Baker’s recordings?  She plays beautifully.”
The girl, probably about 14, gave her mother a funny look.  After a short silence, the mother gracefully said, “Actually, I am Jenny Oaks Baker.”
Winnie almost fell off her feet!  She didn’t even have the presence of mind to ask for an autograph.
As it turned out, the daughter was to accompany her mother on the piano that evening at the Brigham City Tabernacle.  The pair left to practice on a piano in the ward building.
Jenny Oaks Baker is a world famous violinist and for a teenager to play the piano well enough to accompany her is a great accomplishment.
Jim and Starr Mitchell did an awful lot of shoveling snow before it rained and got very slick. “Maybe shoveling wasn’t such a good idea,” Starr says.
The couple went to St. Henry’s church in Brigham City on Dec. 22, and worked with several other couples to decorate the church for Christmas Eve Midnight Mass.
They assembled the manger scene, minus the three wise men and their camels, since the wise men didn’t arrive until the twelfth day of Christmas. The camels and wise men will be added later. Then during the week the Mitchells decorated their own home.
Happy New Year, everyone!


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