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McKinley Elementary Christmas Stories 2013

Mr. Esplin 5th grade


The Missing Bell

By MacKenzie C.

Elves have to go to school to become one of Santa’s helpers. They go to SH University where they earn there shoes and that. Stewart was leaveing for graduation, he relized his bell was gone. Searched but he couldn’t find it. So he used his magic to see it. It was on somthing green. he looked on his tree even on his underwear. No luck. He left without it. When he got his hat he took it off HIS BELL!


Christmas Story

By Somaline Y.

In a time not long ago, lived a star hanging on a tree, and with that star, came tiny pieces of joy. The multi colored star belongs to a family that loves Christmas, but they lived in a town with no holiday. On Christmas, the joyful family decoded to put the star on the tallest tree. With just one look, happiness spreaded over the town in a matter of minutes.


Christmas story

By Isaac

One day somthing got me an idea for Christmas even for are perent, dad and mom so we on Christmas eve we planed a sprized on are perent worked hard at Christmas eve. So we are going to give a gift to are perents and we can decerarate the tree. So we sellibated Christmas for are mom and dad to.


The Three Little Pigs at Christmas Time

By Addilyn C.

The three little pigs were wating for Santa. They heard a loud thump.

Outside Santa was having difficulties. Santa was too big for chimney! Down below he saw Wolf. So Santa helped the wolf up. Then wolf slid down the chimney. But he forgot the presents. The pigs knew right away that it was wolf. The pigs ran outside climed on the roof and got their presents. They had a tremendous time. (Wolf got no presents.)


The Odd Elf

By Dylan N.

Once upon a time thair was a elf a odd elf. Who was very diffrent. He put’s flowers in the snow. He made a snowman onley with out a noes. And he only has six toes. He would were shorts in the middle of winter. So that’s about the elf who’s diffrent.


The Christmas Elf

By Amy R.

One day Santa told one of his elvs to make an ipod but the elf told him no so santa supended him for two weeks. By the time he got back to santa’s work shop it was a week befor Christmas. He made the Ipod. And he never ever said no to santa agin.


By Kambree A.

My name is Jomoco I am six years old. Well your probly thinking, Wow shes old! Well in my life time of chistmas I have never heard or seen anyone get a hippo. I have wished and wished but every year on Christmas morning I get a big, fat, mean and smelly gray thing or animal. I call them my meanies. It’s Christmas morning ahh! It’s another meany thingy why do I even try.


The Christmas Dinner

By Tamyra M.

On Christmas Day we have a Big feast, with shuger cookies, warm milk and some turky and gravy and get to open all of are presents. It’s fun and exiting on Christmas. This year I’m going to get 3 pairs of shoes and same other stuff. I’m so exited for Christmas.


By Matthew C.

Once upon a time a little boy was asleep in his bed or was he. Charlie the boy was waiting for santa. Charlie looked out the window and to his luck he saw a plump man in a red suit flying a sleigh then santa yelled “merry Christmas” and santa flew into the night “good bye” said Charlie.



By Madison B.

Our family has traditions. Some tradition we have are decorating the Christmas tree while rocking out to Christmas muisc, going sleding, and opening pj’s on Christmas Eve. I love all these tradition, but my most favorit tradition is going to  my Grandma B’s house to make gingerbread houses. Each kid get there own gingerbread house to decorated. I get to be as cretive as I want. It is also fun to sneak in some candy while my grandma is not look.


The Little Elf

By Mattie J.

Once Upon a time in a land far away there lived a elf by the name of Mary May Jingle. Mary made everyone happy and cheerful except one person, herself. Mary had always wanted to be a child waiting for dear Mr. Clause with there hearts full of joy and because Mary May was such a good helper she decided to ask and they invented Elf switch-a-roo and Mary May got the present she asked for. And as for the child she was happy to!


Christmas story

By Isaiah R.

Once upon a time there was a grumpy old man. Technicly, he wasn’t old. He was in his middle 20s. He hated Christmas. He lived on top of a mountain. One day he comes across a child stuck in the snow. The child called Help! Help! Please! I will give 20 gold coins! The man stoped. 20 gold coins he thought. Hmmm… then the man said I’ll help you! The man just wanted the money.


A New Owner

By Keziah B.

One day a dog was born on Christmas, he got lots of toys, but then the door bell rang. I ran under the couch and my owner and this other man liften the couch up and he grabed me I jumped out and ran to my dad then next thing I knew I am wearing socks new ones I riped my last pair to pieces. But remember Christmas is all about love and Santa!


Christmas story

By Trenton W.

Once upon a time there lived a seven year old girl, her name was Samara Ward. One day on Christmas Eve Samara went around blocks clearing peoples driveways. She did it December twenty sixth two thousand twelve. Samara after dinner she would get her shovel and clear all the snow of the driveway. And on Christmas day for acting so nice she got 1,000 things!


Happy Hunting

By Gavin C.

Mr. Snowball were are you. Oh hi I am Jack-Rabbit and Mr. Snowball and I am playing hide and go seek but I can not find snowball anywere can you help me?

Great tell me if you see a snowman. You see someone oh no that is Mrs. Chrunch wait a second ah there is a snowball comeing at me There is snowball. Thank you for helping me. Now snowball fight!


How Santa Became Skinny

By Emma P.

It all started when Mrs. Claus told Santa he needed to loose some weight. It was two days before Christmas so he told all the children to give him anything that was healthy so they did. It was the night before Christmas and Santa was ready to go. The first house had a plate of carrots. They were yummy! Finally, he got all the houses and so he went back home. He was so jolly.


My Christmas Story

By Tanya B.

The snow was falling in pure white crystals outside. I wanted to go play in it, but I had to finish my homework first. After I did my homework, I went into my bedroom to get my snowpants, but they weren’t where I put them! I looked and looked everywhere. I couldn’t find them. I wondered if I accidentally put it in our other closet. I went and looked and it was right there! I was so relieved. I went outside, and played in the wonderful snow.


Christmas story

By Tiffany G.

Once upon a time there was a man named Spencer and he really loved Christas and if fact that was his favorite holiday the favorite thing he loves about Christmas is being with his family and he loves to open his presents to see whats in side he loves Christmas and you shoud too. Its not about all the presents you get its about being with your family and giving.


Christmas Story

By Karlee W.

The big day is coming when all the elves are running around trying to get all the present made and into the sliegh. I can even here them from my house. Then every year they all have a huge feast with Santa and they always get carotts for the raindeer.


Christmas Story

By Kate H.

Once upon a time a gingerbread lived in his candy castle on candy hill. He loved his home. He polished it every day for he wanted his house perfect when he died, and thats just what he got. When he died there were no messes no spiders and cobwebs were found anywhere and people never ever found a single dust bunny. They attached his house on to a bran new museum so everyone could see.


My Favorite Christmas

By Adam H.

My favorite Christmas started out with my family rushing around, getting ready to go to my Grandma’s house for Christmas. When we got there, we played games, watched T.V., and fooled around with our cousins. When the time came, we eventualy drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I walked into the living room to find everyone opening their presents. Once everyone was finished, we went sledding, and my cousin and I went off some crazy jumps. I love Christmas.


By Easton L.

Once upon a time there lived a gingerbread man named gingy. He lived on a hill called Jello Hill. One day he decided to go cut down a Christmas tree made of pretzels. He cut it down with his candy saw and went home to decorate it. That night gingy could hear the jingle bells and the HoHoHo that came from the big man.


Christmas Story

By Lily E.

Every Christmas Eve I like to lay awake because I hope Santa gets my letter for what I want. And on Christmas Eve I like to have snow ball fights with my friends I also like, going sleding I like Christmas cause I get two whole weeks off. And on Christmas day I have to wait in my room intell my dad, mom wake up I really like opening my gifts. And I like hangin out with my family.


Christmas Story

By Isabella M.

Once upon a time there was a boy that’s name was Santa, and he has five hundred elfs that have the same costumes. They where green, white, and red. Santa’s costumes colors is the same as the elfs.

Santa is getting ready to fly all around the world that is his job. He is getting in the slay, and then he go’s all around the world.


Elfs Addvencher

By Rhett C.

“Santa we got a bad report of Sad faces.” “How can that be. I thougt I gave them their faverate stuff.” “Well the report says they got coal.” “No no it can’t be the bad elfs took the presents we must get them back. Ok im on it santa. Can you fly us to the dark side yes that will be one dog bisket. Yumey! Ok redy to go yes go miah go dude take us to the dark side of crhismas!


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