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Christmas Stories from Century Elementary 2013

Mr. Vincent 5th grade


Santa is on his way!!

By Maddi

“Santa is on his way.” The kids said. I can’t wait tell Christmas. “I Bet santa is packing up his slay and getting ready to come and deliver presents to all of the kids.” Said mom.

Mom can we make cookies for Santa? Yes we can. What kind of cookies do you want to make. umm… chocolate chip ok get the stuff out and I will preheat the oven. Are you excited for Christmas? Mom said. Yes I am I can’t wait. K take the cookies out of the oven and get ready for bed. Ok.

Kids time for bed, don’t stay up late. Ok mom, said everyone. “I am gonna go to bed right now.” Mom said. Mom I can’t go to bed I am to execited for tomorrow, can I watch t.v for a little bit? Yes you can, but only for ten minutes. “ok” the kid said.

Hey mom dad, wake up it’s Christmas let’s go open presents. “ok” the parents said. Look mom dad, Look what I got. Cool are you guys having fun, yes I am.

“I’ve had so much fun.” All of the kids. Do you guys like your presents? Yes I do. That was the best Christmas I ever had.


The Little Raindeer

By Byron

Once upon a time a little place far away from most of us lived a little raindeer as white as snow, with eyes of dimeonds. He knew from the very begining that he wanted to be on santa’s sle.

That little raindeer was smaller then others. But he had the courage that he could do it no matter what the other raindeer said. The other reindeers laughed at him and said “you don’t belong on Santa’s sle. He just kept on trying and one day on Cristmas eve Santa, with his big white bears said as he looked at all the reindeers and said to the little raindeer I want you to lead this years sle.

The moral of this story is: No matter what they say you can do it.



By Logan

My favorite Christmas was last year of 2013.

I always wake up before everyone. I wake up at 5:00 in the morning. I sit for like 10 minutes, then I finally go to wake up my sister.

Then I wake up my sister. I go downstairs to wake her up 2 or 3 times. Me and my sister sit for another 10 minutes. Then I go to wake up my Parents.

Then we wake up our Parents, but we still get a lot of Christmas Presents. I try to wake up my mom and dad 2 or 3 times. We sit for another 10 minutes. Then my Parents finally wake up then opening Presents begins.

I was the best Christmas I had in my entier life.


By Blake

My favorit Christmas was in 2010. I rember waking up and down the stairs for the presents. I saw a lot of presents and most of them were for me.

Wene I got to the tree I found all my toys and opend them. It was the best. I also got the best thing ever.

I playd with all my toys. I twas realy fun for me. It was hard to play with all of them at once so I plaed with one toy for an hour. Wene I got done with one toy I would play with the next. It was the best day ever.



By Arinna

What is Christmas mean to me? Well that’s a good qustion. Christmas me means coloful, fun and being whith your family. It is colorful. Its colorful with the light on our house and trees. Chirstmas wrapping paper is colorful. And Chirstmas odamants are colorful. And it is Chirstmas is fun. Chirstmas is fun when we put light’s on our house. And when we set up the Chirstmas tree. It is also fun making chirstmas cards.

What Chirstmas means to me the most is being whith your family. For of all you get the celebrate with your family. Seconed you can give gifts. Thired you get to make moreies that will last forever.

That is what Chirstmas mean to me. It means colorful. It means fun. But most of all in means being whith your family.


By Kelby

Wite and snowie. It is cold out side. You can Play out side. You can make a snowman. You can make snow angles.

Cristmas carloing. Crismas is a jolly time of year. It is allwus so warm in my house. It is quit a night.

Family all together. My dad is off work every year. He loves to a hot soup in the night. After we eat we listene music softy.

Love is in the air. At night we all slee good. We love to play with each other in the snow. We have rilie warm Beds.

This is my favort things about cristmas. My family is all together. E some tims sleep on my mom’s floor. We have a lot of fun on cristmas.


By Colby

It was Chrisms I ran down stairs my prezint were there my stoking was filed. I woke my mom and dad and brother. My grampa and grama was coming for brefis and then open the prezie. My mom dose not have to work this year so we don’t have to wait. So I get my stoking and the stuff I wont erly. So I can buid the lego and the titanic stuff thous are my favret thigh to do. I stud the titanic and the lego. They are a lot of money. They are $100 and more but they are fun and woth it.


My Favroid Christmas

By Christian

It was a snowy morning when I woke up to open presents. When I went to go open presents and there were a lot of Presents to open. I had a really fun time opening my presents.

I got a lot of things for Christmas. Like a b-b gun, a go-pro, and a bunch of candy. The go-pro was probley my best gift that I got.

We don’t have breakfast on Christmas we just haved candy. So I had candy canes, loloy pops and other candy it was good candy!

It was the best Christmas of my life!


A Chismas Story: Pairs elf

Thar was a elf who was ciriose about how to make and rap toy’s like Legos But not enething else Bat he knows how to fix a sled.

He tried to make a doll But it ended up looking like a werd Doll Like got right parts But he didn’t pout them in the right way But not like what you think. So then he runs away cashe’s like “I cant Do enething right”

So then he ends up in Paris and he meets this guy But he speaks a Diffrent kind of languige so he runs in to this guy that speeks English so he knows how to rap Presents and make toy’s so after a copel weeks he gets a hang of it and so after that he gose and shos him and he’s imprees.

So after that he gose Back home and show Santa that he can make and rap Presents so then they go and celiBraye.


How Jacob Saved Christmas

By Jacob

My name is Jacob and I’m a little sad I will tell you why. It all started when I wote my letter to Santa. I sent it in the mail but it got sent back and on it in big red letters said N.A.U.G.H.T.Y! Everybody in Honeyville has the exact same thing. This has never happend before. Then suddenly I saw a beam like lightning, so I went to check it out. The ray led up to an old bilding and I saw a person. So I went up and listend and the person was a mad scintist trying to destroy christmas. He always got a lump of coal for Christmas so he wanted everyone to feel the same pain he felt when he was a kid. So I waited for the doctor to go home. When he was gone I went up and tried to destroy the thing. Finally, I destroyd it and everything went back to normal. We all got what we wanted including the doctor.


By Krisanne

Once upon a time not long ago on Christmas Eve little sweet Hayden layed asleep in her little pink bed dreaming. Hayden was dreaming about Christmas morning and opening presants with her family. She soon herd a crash and, woke up from her sweet sleep. Hayden wondered what was out there. She slowly tip toed out of her bedroom. Quietly she peeked in the living room and saw an elf! Santa had forgotten one of his elves! Hayden approached the elf with wide eyes and, asked for the elf’s name. The elf answered in a quite wisper, she said her name was Jingle. Jingle explained to Hayden what had happened. Hayden rushed out the door with Jingle in her hand. Jingle asked where they were going. Hayden answered her by saying after Santa Clause! Jingle told Hayden the next stop was at a little girl named Abby. Hayden and Abby were friends so Hayden knew where to go. Hayden and Jingle missed Santa. Luckily Jingle remembered the next stop, Buck’s house! Hayden went to school with him so she knew where he lived. They went as fast as possible. When they got to Buck’s house Santa had just left. Jingles told Hayden to hury to Daxton and Glacin’s house! Hayden went as fast as she could intell they got there. Santa was leaving! Hayden yelled stop as loud as she could. Santa turned around and flew over to Hayden. He asked what was wrong. Hayden told Santa how he left Jingle at her house. Santa Thanked Hayden and gave her a red and green braclet. Then Hayden rode home in Santa’s sleigh and went to bed.


The Wooden Toy Donkey

The toy maker looked at the clock and he said, “why its 8 o’clock! I must go to bed!”

So on went the shoes and the scarf and the coat and he got in his cart that was pulled by a goat.

The toy soilder at the window gleefully said “The toy maker’s gone! Wake up sleepy heads!”

Up came the dolls and the teddy bears too! Then came the trains that were shiny and new. Up jumped the toy duck and the velveteen rabbit. But the wooden toy donkey would simply not have it!

You see, this poor toy thought he would be hated by every girl and boy. He thought that on Christmas he would not bring any joy.

But the others said “Non-sense!” and labled him with a tag that said “$1.50” Then they put him in the window and he sat there with a sad look of gloom. Yes he sat there and sat there under a bright, shiny moon.

Just when all the toys were filled with doubt, a small country boy came walking about. Yes, a small country boy about two years or three. He said, “Oh, look at that donkey! Please get it for me!”

The parents looked at each other and quietly said “we will get him that toy in a box that is red.” Then the couple walked off, with the boy running after, and soon all you could hear was the birds in the rafters.

Soon the donkey was bought, and placed in a bag that was made out of rags. Then into a box he was carefully laid, and there he would stay untill Christmas Day.

And on Christmas day, with the ribbons un-done, the boy and the donkey had, oh, so much fun!

So, if you are thin, fat, short, or tall, and you don’t have one friend, not one at all. Well, under the same sun stars and moon, someone is waiting, waiting for you.


By Saige

Once upon a time the was Santa in his work shop filled with joy. With 200 elves. With only 4 days till Christmas rushing with hope they can get all the gifts done in time.

Over 25,000,000 letters to Santa. Elves going crazy all there hard work has to be done in time for Christmas. The riendeer excited to dash off in the cold winter air.

Delivering presents to all over the world 3 days till Christmas. Kids excited sayin there prayers excited crowling in bed hoping Santa will bring what they want for Christmas. Now 0 days till Christmas kids leaving cookies and milk for santa kids say there prayer and hop up in bed.

Santa hooking up his reindeer. Dashing off to houses. Then the morning comes kids running down stairs ripping open the gifts. Excited of what the wanted for Christmas. And that is the story of Christmas.


How My Christmas Work

By Henry

I Love Cristmas and its auswome.

On Christmas morning I always go upstairs early, to see how many preasces I get, then I have braekfust.

Then after BreakFast, we head to my grandmas to get more presanse and eat lunch.

After lunch, we head to my graet ants house, for more presents and, Finally eat Dinner and stay for awhile, and Leave.

In that’s how my Christmas works evr


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