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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura, Zane, Everly and Georgia Wheatley were greatly rewarded Thanksgiving Day by having two turkey dinners. The first was at Laura’s parents’ home. Laura put a turkey and stuffing in a roaster for awhile at home then packed up the roaster and transported it to her mother’s home to finish cooking. Mr. and Mrs. Denis Hendricks provided more of the meal and it was filled in by contributions from other family members. Laura’s sister brought craft ideas and supplies for the children. One of those crafts was making handprint turkeys.
Zane and family then drove to the David Wheatley home for another dinner. After dinner Zane went trap shooting with some of his family at Deweyville. It was discovered during the day that while Georgia really loves yams, Everly really doesn’t. She wouldn’t eat them.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen enjoyed cooking Thanksgiving dinner at home, then ate it at their leisure. One thing was missing: Orson wasn’t home to grow his own squash for pumpkin pie, so they didn’t have any. “But just wait till next year!” Orson says.
On Wednesday Orson’s niece and nephew came and helped him fix corral fences. Orson has also started working with Eli Anderson on an antique wooden wheelbarrow.
The Poulsen’s are very comfortable at home now and thoroughly enjoying their own schedule, Orson reports looking forward to a Park City trip in the future.
Boyd and Kris Udy held Thanksgiving dinner at their home in town. They were delighted to have son Tyrell and his wife Aron down from Montana for a few days. All the family stopped by the house during the day. Since Kris had a shoulder repair surgery recently, she expressed sincere gratitude to all for their help during the day. “It was a good day,” Boyd says. “We had a good time.” Tyrell and Aron left for home Sunday morning.
Cleo and Gary Petit joined many other family members in Ogden at Steven and Ashley Mitchell’s on Thanksgiving Day. “We had a wonderful time,” Cleo says.
Winnie Richman was planning to be in town only on Monday. However, she ran out of flour and had to make a quick trip to town Wednesday admist all her other preparations. She had all her usual Thanksgiving dinner items ready to heat and serve when Aaron and his family and Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen Richman came on Thursday. Winnie says “Thank you” to Lyle for bringing an apple pie, and Jim and Starr Mitchell for bringing a delicious cherry-topped cheesecake Wednesday afternoon.
Friday Clynn and Winnie ate leftovers for lunch, dinner and dessert. Saturday provided more leftovers (yum!) and quiet Christmas TV. The couple watched the “Andy Williams Memories of Christmas Show” and then watched the Jazz win! (Not really quiet, but very satisfying).
Jim and Starr Mitchell traveled to Ogden for Thanksgiving dinner at Steven and Ashley Mitchell’s home. Altogether there were 20 people present. All contributed to a very delicious meal. Starr took pies and a salad. Earlier in the month she and Jim took one of their frozen turkeys for Ashley to cook. Ashley and Steven also provided a ham.
Before eating, the guests heard a knock on the front door. Since everyone was already there Jim went to find out who was knocking. Upon opening the door Ben Mitchell walked in. He is Jim’s older brother. Ben came from Las Vegas and hasn’t been north for several years. What a joyous reunion!
Although Jim and Starr’s granddaughter is only 14 months old, Gabrielle is quite the social butterfly. She blew kisses to one and all.
Starr reports her and Jim’s dog Rosie, Gabby’s dog Charlie, and Kayla’s dog, Chloe, all enjoyed a tail-wagging good time playing with each other.
Another pair of distant visitors, although expected, were Ashley’s mother and brother, who flew in from Arkansas.


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