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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy was busy with several projects this week. He really enjoyed watching Kris in “The Savior of the World.” He says she did really well in her part as Elizabeth, a kinswoman of Mary. He felt the play was “a great success” and “very spiritual.” He said it was a “sold out crowd” even though tickets weren’t actually ‘sold’ but given out free of charge.
Boyd has also done some cleaning up of leaves around the ranch and helping to move cattle from place to place.
Laura Wheatley reports that “The Savior of the World” play went great. “ I loved it, and Zane did too,” she says, “You never know how it’s going to come together, but then it went great.” Laura sang in the Heavenly choir and Zane was Nephi. the couple was busy with this most of the week. Laura estimates that about 100 to 150 people participated in the cast. It was performed all four times at the Tremonton West Stake in the gym. There were two stages on two different levels.
Orson and Jeannette Poulsen also attended “The Savior of the World.” “It was quite good.” Orson says.
Orson reports the Thatcher/Penrose II Ward Christmas party will be held on December 6, at 7 p.m., at the church. Orson and Jeannette report that it is coming along just fine. They thank all those who have been asked to help for accepting. A short program will be presented.
Orson spoke at the West Stake center on Sunday, for the Young Singles Ward, Jeannette went with him, The topic was on tithing
Gary Petit reports “this weather is amazing! It is just too cold!” The Petits are just staying inside to keep warm.
On Monday Winnie Richman was able to order Clynn’s Christmas present. She returned home late and saw Jesse Petersen and grandson, Josh, coming down the Richman driveway with a horse trailer. She had sold a colt to Jesse. When that colt and another one were loaded and the second one couldn’t be separated from the purchased one, Jesse said he would buy the second one. Winnie said, “Done!” and both horses went to their new home. They are doing well.
Tuesday morning Winnie had an enjoyable time going with Marie Roche visiting teaching. Marie provided a Thanksgiving treat to each lady and Winnie. Tuesday evening Winnie enjoyed tending Everly and Georgia Wheatley while their parents attended a dress rehearsal of “The Savior of the World.” While there, Winnie picked up an idea for a Christmas present for great-grandson, Jayden Nelson.
Wednesday was art day. Carolyn Carter based in her newest canvas and Winnie signed and brought home her lastest canvas in her on-going project.
On Sunday Winnie worked in the library at church. Her partner happened to bring her laptop, so she and Winnie looked for the home where Winnie lived the first three years of her life in Wisconsin. “That’s it!” Winnie exclaimed excitedly. Kathie will run a copy of the home to give Winnie for her records. Winnie will do an oil painting of Kathie’s favorite photograph for her.
Jim and Starr Mitchell were in their truck just entering the freeway near Brigham City when the truck’s transmission went out. That means no ability to shift gears or go forward or in reverse. They called S&M Towing in Brigham and were towed to Fronk’s in Tremonton for repairs. Jim and Starr took another vehicle to Ogden to deliver a frozen turkey (one they raised) to Steven and Ashley Mitchell’s to thaw and cook for Thanksgiving. While there, Starr and Ashley made some table decorations for Thanksgiving Day dinner.
Starr will thaw and turn into pies some of her pumpkin from the supply in her freezer.
It’s official: Gabriella is now walking everywhere she goes.
Starr reports having raked tons of leaves and picking up lots of fallen branches.


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