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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are getting used to being home.
“I feel a little lazy,” Jeannette says, “ but I am really enjoying the relaxed atmosphere!” She and Orson have been asked to do the Christmas program for our ward.
They have formed a committee and everything is falling into  place. They are keeping warm-or trying to.
They have a speaking engagement about their experiences in Nauvoo.
Zane and Laura Wheatley are loving being in the play “ The Savior of the World.”
“It’s all going well,” Laura says.
Laura and the girls have had fun making cards for their neighbors with a Thanksgiving theme. They took the cards, along with a plate of Rice Krispie squares, to each neighbor nearby. “I like neighbors,” Everly says.
Boyd Udy reports loving to see his wife Kris in her role as Elizabeth, the aunt of Jesus Christ.
Kris says she has really enjoyed the part and the added perspective it has given her.
She and Boyd are looking forward to seeing son and daughter-in-law, Tyrell and Aaron, for Thanksgiving.
Boyd is riding his horses just enough to have fun and keep them in shape.
Cleo Petit and husband Gary have been invited to go to Ogden for Thanksgiving. Cleo says they are just trying to keep warm, but “You just have to take what you get and be grateful it’s not worse!”
Jim and Starr Mitchell came to the Double S Bar ranch to help Winnie Richman get hay to the calves in the corral on Monday. Winnie is grateful for their help.
Lyle Richman came to the ranch early Wednesday morning to help Winnie sort and load the Richmans’ weaned calves for sale in Smithfield on Thursday. The operation went smoothly and two loads were hauled.
On Thursday Winnie drove to Smithfield Livestock auction to watch the calves sell. They weighed more than Winnie thought they would and sold for a good price.
On Friday Winnie fed hay to the bulls, weaned colts and fat calves and a smaller bale to the mare and her colt on the mountain pasture.
It was a pleasure for Winnie to just have church and choir practice on Sunday. Aaron and April came out to fix a fence and talk with Clynn and Winnie for a while before going home.
Hi, Marie Kase, it was good to see you at Walmart!


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