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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Zane, Laura, Everly and Georgia Wheatley went to Deweyville to trick-or-treat great-grandpa and great-grandma Norr.
Everly dressed as a cat and Georgia went as a ballerina. Both girls were excited by their costumes and checked their appearances in the mirror often. Everly had to make sure her whiskers and ears were in place.
The family also attended the Thatcher-Penrose II Ward Trunk or Treat. “It was great fun,” Laura says. When the trunk or treating was done everyone was invited to have a bowl of soup and some breadsticks. “There was really a good turnout,” Laura says.
After the activities at Thatcher-Penrose II Ward, the Wheatley family drove to Grandpa and Grandma Wheatley’s home for a little party. The senior Wheatley’s tended the young girls while Zane and Laura took a couple of hours to get out together.
Orson Poulsen and a friend went black powder hunting for elk in the Uintahs. They camped out and got cold. Orson’s friend got his elk, but Orson did not get one. “That’s it for this year,” Orson says.
While Orson was hunting, Jeannette went to St. George to get reunited with some of her family whom she hadn’t seen since leaving for the Poulsen’s mission. She took some geneology and other things to study.
Cleo Petit reports delighting in eating Halloween candy at home with Gary on Halloween Eve. She reports being snug and warm.
“This weather is crazy,” Cleo says. “Just one extreme to another!”
Boyd Udy is still sowing range seed here and there in some bare spots and hoping it will come in time for spring growth and summer utilization by the cows. He is also looking forward to the cattle work in Farmington soon.
Clynn and Winnie Richman thank Starr Mitchell for helping with the gate into the Richman’s calf corral on Friday. Winnie could push it open with the tractor and hay bale, but if it didn’t close in time, the calves would get out. Starr opened and closed the gate for each bale and the calves were easily contained. The calves are now content for a few days.
Winnie Richman and Carolyn Carter drove to Clearfield on Wednesday. Carolyn put the finishing touches on her canvas and started a new painting. Winnie started and finished a background for a new canvas in her project. She will try to finish it next week.
Thursday she and Clynn ate Halloween candy at home.
Sunday was Stake Conference. Winnie drove to the West Stake Center to attend. It was lovely. Since the weather was uncertain and it was certainly cold, the Richman family decided to postpone moving the cows to winter pasture. They will hope for better weather next week.


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