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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Winnie Richman would like to congratulate the Box Elder High School Class of 1939 on their 74th class reunion.

Laura, Zane, Everly and Georgia Wheatley picked tomatoes last week. They will use them for salsa. The family also attended birthday celebrations of the Hendricks side of the family for August and September at Laura’s sister’s home in Collinston.

Zane’s sister, Megan LeBaron, had a cute little girl who will keep her older brother company. All are doing well. Everly and Georgia are still enjoying school in their home. Both enjoy saying their letters.

Jim and Starr Mitchell drove down to Ogden to visit Steven, Ashley and Gabrielle Mitchell last week. While they were there, Gabby took two unaided steps toward Jim. When he caught her up she gave him a big juicy kiss. The senior Mitchells also took their dog, Rosie.

Starr brought some canned peaches for Gabby, some of Steven’s favorite pickles and Ashley’s favorite chili sauce just for an extra special treat.

Cleo and Gary Petit have turned on their heat for the winter. “It’s real nice,” Cleo says. The couple is getting things set for winter.

Winnie was at the ranch Monday and Tuesday, but wasn’t “home” all that time. She plowed some weeds and did a few winterizing chores. There is still plenty of plowing to do.

Wednesday at art Winnie began another 8×10 painting. This time when the canvas dries, she will begin what her teacher calls a series of vignettes. These pictures are small and deal with a single subject. It is a first for Winnie, who has always painted one picture per canvas.

Winnie and Clynn give “thanks” to Glade Tolman and Steve Peterson for unloading some hay at the Double S Bar Ranch Thursday.

On Saturday, son Lyle and children, Reagen and Brantzen, came out. The kids played while Lyle worked on the mountain pasture water trough. Besides playing the youngsters entertained Clynn and Winnie with tales of their new school year experiences.

Sunday evening Winnie drove to Brigham City to renew acquaintances with dear friend, Jacquie Sherlock, after 50 years. Winnie had already made arrangements to invite Bob and Vicki Lowery to eat with her and Jacquie. Bob called Larry and Carol Summers and Leon and Barbara Hunsaker, who were also old friends of Jacquie’s, to join them.

Barbara wasn’t feeling well so only seven people met in Ogden. The meal was delicious. Conversation flowed between topics of youth and topics of interest to all. Jacquie is from San Jose, Calif.


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