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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Congratulations are in order to Ben and Kailene Larsen. They have just received a beautiful 8-pound, 9-ounce baby girl. Her name is Samara.
This name is after a city where Ben spent most of his LDS mission in Western Russia. She has lots of black hair. Both parents are recovering well. Samara is Carol Larsen’s 20th grandchild.
Jim and Starr Mitchell have had family from Winthrope Harbor, Ill., visiting them. They are Starr’s sister and brother-in-law, Tracy and Danny Kwak and their son, Ryan.
One of the days the guests were here they all journeyed to Ogden’s Union Station and Museums.
There are four museums at this location: Browning Guns, Model Trains, Antique Cars and the Cowboy Museum. Starr comments, “It was very interesting. There wasn’t enough time to linger in anyone place since everyone wanted to see a different museum. The price of $5 was very reasonable.”
Laura Wheatley spent a fairly laid-back week at home with her daughters Everly and Georgia. A friend allowed them to come pick some pears. Both girls enjoyed sitting on Mom’s shoulders to reach the fruit then put it in a box.
Laura is going to dry the pears. Some of it she will dredge in a sugar and cinnamon mixture.
Laura reports the girls are enjoying “school” at home two or three days a week. She says Everly knows all her alphabet letters now, Georgia can say the letters in her name vocally.
Laura is teaching her girls to hold little pieces of crayon in their fingers so they won’t use their fists to hold a larger crayon or pencil when the time comes to write.
Boyd and Kris Udy drove up to Monte Cristo to camp for a few days just to get away and relax. The flies were terrible, but the fall leaves were beautiful.
The couple saw some elk and deer. “It was a good trip,” Boyd says. He is back to riding his horses to get them in shape for gathering cows and calves this fall. Both Udy’s say they are glad for the recent rain showers.
Cleo Petit reports enjoying the slightly cooler weather. “We didn’t go anywhere, and with just the two of us we don’t eat like we used to either,” she says.
Winnie Richman says, “Hi and thank you,” to Stan Petersen and Jeff Clark whose wives both said they read this Promontory column.
On Wednesday Winnie finished another 8×10 canvas at art class, and friend Carolyn Carter made great progress on her new canvas. Also on Wednesday Marriah and Skyler Richman did really great at their piano lessons.
Thursday morning dawned sunny and warm and found Winnie at Denny’s in Tremonton celebrating Jack Apodaca’s birthday with him and wife Pam. The three people had a great meal and a wonderful chat.
Friday afternoon after school Emily and Jacob Thomas and their mother Jennifer helped Winnie pick beans at the ward garden to can for future use. The beans were beautiful. Winnie took some donuts for a treat. “Thank you, Jennifer, Emily and Jacob,” Winnie says gratefully.
Saturday Winnie canned beans all day.
Sunday was a restful day with Winnie and Kathie Burns in the library after sacrament meeting.
Sunday afternoon son Aaron came and cleared out a stackyard for Winnie to stack hay in when it comes. He also did several other helpful things for Winnie. “Thank you, Aaron,” Clynn and Winnie say gratefully.


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