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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Charlie the dog spent a week with Jim and Starr Mitchell and Rosie the dog here at Promontory. He really loves Promontory! All anyone at his home in Ogden has to say to get him excited is, “Charlie, do you want to go to Promontory?” He jumps and wiggles and waits by the door to go. He loves the freedom and quiet and goes to bed each night tired but happy. The reason he was visiting was that his owners Steven, Ashley and Gabrielle Mitchell, were in Arkansas for Ashley’s family reunion.
Jim and Starr have enjoyed watching the barn swallows raise their young from a nest on the Mitchell’s front porch. “It seemed like the first batch of young had just barely flown away,” Starr says, “when the parent birds were feeding another bunch of nestings. Now those babies flew this week.”
Jim and Starr redid the flooring of their front porch last week. First they sanded it, then they sealed it. The sealer is also a water proofer. They saw it wasn’t too hard since they used a paint roller to apply the sealer.
Laura Wheatley reports her sister JoAnn and her children came out to the Wheatley’s to make brownies and let the children play together. Well into the making, the ladies discovered they hadn’t enough eggs. They phoned Cleo Petit and borrowed what they needed from her and Gary.
One evening Laura, Everly and Georgia joined Laura’s father, Denis Hendricks, to see the fires at Portage and Hyrum. The girls saw the fire at Portage, but slept through the visit to the Hyrum fire.
Boyd Udy asked ATK equipment operator Randy Nelson from Thatcher to come to the ranch to help pull up the old wood fence in front of the new pipe fence. Randy brought his friend Howie.
Boyd has begun shoeing his horses so they can get going again.
Cleo Petit says their garden still has a few tomatoes left.
Winnie Richman stayed home on her Monday birthday. She was going to delve into on of her favorite Regency Romances, but spent her time with Clynn in front of the TV, doing chores a little housework and a couple of long, lazy naps. It was a good day. The couple also ate some of Sunday’s leftovers, including birthday cake and ice cream.
Tuesday Winnie drove to West Point to honor Carol Larsen’s father at his funeral and to see some of Carol’s children after a long absence.
After the funeral Winnie drove back to the Brigham City LDS Temple to complete a family name.
After art and piano lessons on Wednesday, Winnie took April, Marriah, Zach and Skyler home with her to help load a cow to take to Smithfield Livestock Auction. When the cow was safely delivered, Winnie took her family to Smithfield’s McDonald’s for hamburgers before going home.
Thursday Winnie met her sister Pam and brother-in-law, Jack Apodaca, at Denny’s for a good birthday breakfast. She then drove to Smithfield to watch the cow sell.
Friday Winnie took Marriah, Zach and Skyler school shopping in Logan. It would have been only half a day without eating at the Golden Corral. As the group was leaving, Marriah and Winnie shared a hungry look at some blue cotton candy. “Can I get you one, Granny?” Marriah asked. “Oh, yes!” Winnie answered.
Sunday the Thatcher Penrose II choir sang a medley of hymns interlude. Carol Larsen directed and Brooklyn Schutlz accompanied the choir personnel.
After church, son Aaron Richman came out to help Clynn and Winnie.


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