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Promontory Pointers



Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley’s visiting teacher from Thatcher has a gentle horse. She offered to give Everly and Georgia a ride. They loved it! They are eager to get another ride. Laura has learned a lesson: Maybe it’s better to let the girls paint a bedroom door than a bedroom wall. No amount of careful supervision can keep the paint off the floor or the girls’ clothes. The door, however, can be done outside. Laura admits she is proud of her little children for wanting to “help.”
The heat and huge amount of bugs has very nearly destroyed Gary and Cleo Petit’s garden. Gary says, “It’s about shot for this year.”
Boyd Udy knows it’s hot when it is too hot to ride his horse, even in the early morning. He is fencing where necessary. He is also tearing out an old wooden fence to display the new pipe and rod behind it. He says his family is all in good shape.
On Monday Winnie Richman received and unloaded 36 bales of beautiful hay. She finished in time to get cleaned up (dusty work) and ready for her visiting teachers. The ladies had a good visit. That afternoon Winnie stacked some of the hay in the stackyard so the cattle could be fed this winter.
Since Pioneer Day was Wednesday, Winnie and Carolyn Carter didn’t have their art class. Winnie stayed home and plowed till the tractor got hot.
On Friday Skyler and Marriah Richman played their piano pieces for Winnie. They did really well. They got some hints from Winnie and a few new assignments each.
On Sunday Winnie was not in the library and got to attend the Sunday School lesson and the Relief Society lesson. It should have been a good Sunday, but Winnie took very sick and head-achey after she got home. She called daughter Heather Lott to do night chores. Heather and son Caden came and did chores and after stayed to talk for a while with Clynn. Winnie called the doctor for some advice and fixed dinner and went to bed.



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