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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy reports going to Coalville to help push cattle for the Utah Reined Cow Horse Association Show there. “I had good help,” Boyd says. “I had a good time.” He says we all need lots of rain.

Laura Wheatley and daughters Everly and Georgia went to the Friday evening party at Thatcher-Penrose II Ward in Thatcher. The girls participated in several events. Everly seemed to enjoy the foot race she was in best. Although the girls didn’t take their swimsuits, they still enjoyed the water slide. Due to the heat they dried off pretty quickly. Since Laura had signed up to clean the church house on Saturday with the rest of the cleaning crew, she didn’t go to the annual breakfast that day.

During the week Everly and Georgia enjoyed painting baby food jars to save their pennies in. Laura says the next fun project will be to add decorations to the jars. One of the Wheatley dogs has gone missing, but the other one is just fine.

Gary Petit reports just going to town with Cleo to her hair appointment and breakfast out with friends. They ate at JD’s and visited with Donna and crew. “They treat us good,” Gary says.

Jim and Starr Mitchell’s garden is “struggling.” Jim refuses to give up on the large tomatoes. “We’re fighting bugs as well as this heat,” Starr says. She also comments that it is fun to watch nature. She notes that it is interesting to see little tiny birds chase larger birds away from their territory. The butterflies, black bees and yellow wasps are always fun to watch – from a distance.

On Tuesday Winnie Richman plowed till the tractor got hot. When she came back to the house she found out from Clynn that his brother DeLoy Richman and their cousin Joyner Lofthouse had paid a visit for a couple of hours.

On Wednesday Winnie and Carolyn Carter had their art lessons. Carolyn is already trying to envision a suitable frame for her work when it is finished. Winnie suddenly thought of several more canvasses for her project, so both ladies were kept very busy. After art Winnie listened to Skyler’s piano playing and passed off another easy hymn.

Winnie had a doctor’s appointment in Logan Thursday. She is fine. On the way home she stopped at Panda Express for dinner take-out for Clynn and her. Yum.

Friday Winnie and Marie Roche did their visiting teaching together and had a great time. “Doing these things is both fun and peaceful,” Winnie says.

Winnie says “Hi” to Whitney Young who she ran into at Kent’s.

Also … Jayden Nelson, Clynn and Winnie’s first great-grandson, ran excitedly after a flopping fish in his backyard during the irrigation turn. He finally caught it, but couldn’t hold onto it. It escaped back into the main stream of water and disappeared.



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