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Too High!

A four-year-old Tremonton boy went climbing Wednesday evening and ended up stranded over 100 feet in the air, stuck in an old pine tree.

Kayson Bronson had to be brought out of  his precarious perch by a Plymouth fire fighter who used the department’s tallest ladder to lower the young boy down to his anxious parents, Johnathan and Candice Bronson.

Candice said her children had been playing at her mother’s home in Plymouth while she was at school.  When she came to pick them up, she discovered her older son a short way up one of the large pine trees in the back yard.  When she asked where Kayson was, the boy pointed upward.

The little four-year-old was much, much higher up, near the top of the 150-ft. tree.

“If he hadn’t been in blue, I don’t think I would have seen him at all,” Candice said.  Panicked, she told him to come down.

“I can’t, Mom,” he said.  “I can’t see down.”

Then the wind picked up and the towering tree began to sway.  Candice said her anxiety level increased.  She called her husband, who was at work at nearby Nucor Steel.  He was there in just a few minutes but was unable to get the lofty lad down by himself.

He immediately called the Plymouth fire chief, and a  truck and ladder man was sent to rescue the little boy.

Candice said Kayson never acted very scared during the entire 20-minute ordeal, even as his mother ordered him to “hold on a little longer.”  He told his mother at one point that it was “cool” being up so high.  “I can see everybody’s house up here,” he yelled down to his mother.

Back on the ground, he was asked if he would ever do such a silly thing again.  The danger over, he responded, “Yeah.  That was fun!”

His mother strongly advised him against making the climb a second time.Kayson in TreeKayson up a Tree rescue .


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