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Promontory Pointers 7-17-13



Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Available online at www.tremontonleader.com News has been received that Sister Jeannette Poulsen is beginning to recover from her eye surgery in Nauvoo, Ill. She had complications after the surgery, but now the condition is getting better. We wish her well. She and husband Elder Orson Poulsen will be home in approximately three to four months. Boyd and Kris Udy drove up to Yellowstone Park for a few days last week. They were joined by Tyrell and Aron Udy and Bodee and Jamie Udy and children Jett and Jadee. Boyd says, “It was a great several days.” Winnie Richman gives a big, “Thank you!” to Dr. David Lewis for Winnie’s two cataract surgeries. She will not have to have any more check-ups this year. Dr. Bruce Keller also deserves a big thank you for bringing relief to Winnie’s heel. She has tendonitis, which can be treated with high heeled shoes or cowboy boots with the old fashioned higher heels. Higher heels will help relax that tendon. Winnie really loves her new cowboy boots. After seeing Dr. Keller, Winnie went to the genealogy library and got the information she needed to complete a relative’s work. Wednesday Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter went to art. Winnie started, completed and signed an 8×10 canvas, a first for her ever. Carolyn’s lovely artwork is progressing well. She has an “eye” for the subtleness of flower coloring. But it does take time and many different colors and brushes. Thursday Winnie sat in Clynn’s truck on the side-hill and watched several different communities ignite their fireworks. “It was very nice,” she says, “to watch all the action, but not hear the noise.” After going to bed, Winnie was awakened by a huge crash of thunder. She rushed to the window of her bedroom to see if there were any fires. Up north she saw two. She dressed, jumped into Clynn’s truck and drove fast toward them. There she found the county fire crew, the Corinne fire truck and crew and Tammy Benson representing the Golden Spike National Historic Site. The fires were on the east extremities of their property. The fires were quickly put out. Winnie got home late and slept in till late Friday morning. Laura Wheatley reports their small garden is beginning to take hold. “Nothing is dead yet,” she says. Laura, Everly and Georgia, and Laura’s mother, Susan Hendricks, went to the Plymouth parade on July 4th. The girls got plenty of candy and then went to the Plymouht bowery for fun and games. That night they all went to the fireworks in Lewiston. Zane’s mother brought slap wrist bands which glowed around the girls’ wrists. Playing with the wrist bands distracted Everly and Georgia from the fireworks for a time.


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