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Dual Designers

Father and son create drift boat

Another-angle Boat--Final Final-2


Jessica Tanner
Leader Assistant Editor

Tremonton resident Bret Rohde and his father Garth, of Ogden, have been avid fishermen for the past 30 years. The duo decided to take on a new challenge and build their own drift boat, which they completed after four years of hard work and quality time together.
Since Bret and his father have always enjoyed woodworking and fishing, Bret decided it would be fun to take on a different kind of project together. He approached his dad with the idea and in March 2009, they ordered plans to begin engineering a McKenzie boat.
Bret said, “We used the plans to get started then set them aside and threw in our own creativity.”
Every Saturday Garth came to Tremonton to work on the project with Bret, putting in about five hours a day. About a month ago they completed the 17’ by 6’ beauty that has graced Daniel’s Reservoir in Malad, Idaho, a few times.
However, they have not taken the boat on the river yet. Bret said, “It’s all painted really nice so I am really skeptical about putting a piece of furniture on the river but we will.”
During construction Garth faced health challenges and his leg was amputated because of complications with diabetes. So before they hit the river they will work on helping Garth learn to maneuver, getting in and out of the boat with ease.
“We just decided we were not going to let any of that stuff deter us from doing it,” Garth said, “Life is what you make out of it. We accepted that and continued on even though it slowed us down we kept working together and just really, really enjoyed each other’s company.”
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