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Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

On Tuesday Boyd Udy found himself and another person from out of the county judging the little county fair princesses. He went to watch, but the other of two judges didn’t show up.
He was asked to step in for him. “I had fun,” Boyd says. “I like those little kids! I don’t know who won; I just turned in my score sheets along with the other judges. The results will be in the paper. I think they are all winners in my opinion.”
Gary and Cleo Petit say they have no news. However, their tomato plants are starting to do good. “It’s just too hot for a garden,” Gary says. Mostly the couple is trying to keep cool and staying out of the sun.
On Monday Winnie Richman stayed home. She reports sleeping a lot through the day and going to bed early. “This heat really saps the strength,” she says.
Tuesday Winnie almost finished cleaning out the fat calves’ corral. In fact, it really looked good – till the front tire on the tractor blew.
Clynn and Winnie say “thanks” to the tire crew from the Bear River Valley Co-op for coming out to the ranch to fix the tire. Clynn and Winnie are also grateful to Buttars Tractor for bringing the plow tractor home from their repair shop and hooking it up to the plow. “I would have had a hard time,” Winnie says.
Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter were at art class working on their canvasses on Wednesday.
On Thursday Winnie picked up grandkids in Brigham to go to a movie, “Monsters University,” in Perry. Marriah’s life-long friend Sarah went with Winnie, Marriah, Zach and Skyler and also out to lunch after at McDonald’s. “I like to go to a movie once in awhile,” Winnie says. “I enjoy watching the kids as well as the movie.”
Friday evening son Aaron hurried out to the ranch to put the family air conditioner in place. “Thank you, Aaron,” Clynn and Winnie say. While he was on the place, Winnie had him look at the control apparatus for the hay fork.
Winnie knew what was needed, but couldn’t get the threaded bolt to line up with its hole. Aaron grabbed just the right size metric wrench and got everything back together in minutes. “Thank you, Aaron,” Winnie says gratefully.
Winnie also acknowledges that the best part of having the kids come help is how they stay afterwards talking to her and Clynn for awhile.
Saturday Winnie finished cleaning the steers’ corral and hauled a bale of hay to three of the horses who needed it.
Sunday was a great day. Clynn and Winnie congratulated Greg and Heather Lott on 25 years of marriage. At church Winnie was able to attend the first annual Thatcher-Penrose II Ward’s Sister’s meeting. It was called Women of Faith: An Ordinary Woman Accomplishing Extraordinary Things. “It was wonderful,” Winnie says.
A lovely wrapped treat and a beautiful picture were presented to the ladies as they left the chapel.
Jim and Starr Mitchell were very busy last week. They had as house guests granddaughter Gabrielle Mitchell and Charlie the five-year-old dog (He thinks he is as human as his owners!) Rosie, the senior Michell’s pup, is still very playful and was hoping for a playmate. Charlie didn’t think too much of being constantly jumped on by a pup.
Gabby is really crawling now so, of course, Starr got down with her to do some crawling, too. “The only thing is,” Starr says, “is that Gabby can get up faster than I can.” Gabby also cut her first tooth before parents Steven and Ashley got home from their vacation.
Everly and Georgia Wheatley report a new game at meal time. If they pretend to be babies again or animals with long claws (long claws can’t pick up forks) they either don’t have to feed themselves or someone has to pick up the fork and put it in their clawed hands. It also seems to work if they don’t want to eat.
The Wheatley’s have just put in a very small garden. “I know it’s late,” Laura says, “but we’ll just have to hope for it.” The family has some tomatoes, green bell peppers, some squash and salad greens.


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