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Promontory Pointers

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Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley reports taking Everly and Georgia for haircuts last week. Georgia’s was a real short cut and Everly’s was just a trim. Then Laura took the girls and her nieces and nephews to a trout farm in Ogden to fish. All the children had a “blast.” The excitement lasted until the fish were cooked and served, then,Yuck! “We don’t like to eat fish!” both girls said.

Boyd and Kris Udy went to Las Vegas for a convention for Kris. While there, Boyd walked around watching people gamble. One area was for high stakes. “If I had their money, I wouldn’t gamble with it,” Boyd says. While in Las Vegas, the couple watched a show by David Copperfield, the magician.

Cleo Petit reports the garden is coming slowly. “It’s a matter of getting enough water in this dry, breezy climate,” she says.

“I can see clearly for the first time in a long time,” Winnie says after her recent cataract surgery. She thanks Carolyn Carter and April for driving her home after.

Friday Winnie drove to Brigham City to help grandchildren Brittney and Skyler Richman celebrate their birthdays. Also joining the family were other grandparents Dick and Carolyn Carter and Aunt Coy Mitchell and cousin Kayla Mitchell.

On Saturday the Richman’s son, Lyle and his good friend, Tony Gonzales, came to the ranch to fix a huge hole in one of the fences of the mountain pasture.

While the men were fixing fence, Winnie noticed tree branches brushing the  home chimney. The men climbed the trees and eliminated the problem branches.

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