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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

May 31, 2013, was a big day in the Richman and Lott families. Greg and Heather Lott, Clynn and Winnie Richman’s son-in-law and daughter, flew to Phoenix the day before, spent the night and attended Colton and Caden Lott’s graduation from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI). Also graduating with them was their best friend Bryce Spencer from Thatcher.
All three young men made the Director’s List, had perfect attendance and received several SOC’s (Student of the Course) awards.
To achieve a Director’s List award a student must achieve 90 percent or better in all his courses. Caden received three SOC’s during the year he was there; Colton received two and Bryce received one.
The three young men, having gotten used to the high Phoenix heat, complained of being cold when they woke up the next morning after their arrival in the Thatcher/Penrose area.
Winnie Richman would like to say, “Hi,” to Mr. and Mrs. Reed Burke, faithful readers of the column. Mrs. Burke is the former Barbara Swenson from Winnie’s BEHS days. Winnie and Clynn also say, “Hi,” to Joycle Padsen-Smith of Syracuse. It was good to see her Friday.
On Tuesday Lyle Richman and Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar to help Winnie load six fat steers for the market. All went well. Winnie drove the steers to town where Lyle helped unload them. All the calves weighed more than 600 pounds each on the hook. That means each weighed approximately 1,100 pounds on the hoof! Winnie is so glad they’re gone. The chore time is way shorter now. “Thank you, Lyle and Heather,” Clynn and Winnie say.
On Saturday as she was plowing merrily away, Winnie’s tractor suddenly blew black smoke out of the exhaust and made a terrible rattling and clacking sound.
She stopped but didn’t turn it off and called son Lyle. He said to stop plowing but drive the tractor to the barn yard slowly, a distance of half a mile.
Laura Wheatley says her girls really love riding the family four-wheeler, especially Georgia. Everly likes chasing the young calves while Laura drives. The Wheatley’s garden will be started soon. The Wheatley’s think they need to start over trying to raise baby chicks. Although the hen is still sitting on her nest, there are still no babies.
Cleo and Gary Petit drove down to Fillmore Sunday through Tuesday on Memorial weekend. They spent time with LeRoy Jackson and his wife. They all had a great visit. The Petit’s garden is in now.
Boyd Udy is plowing more fire breaks both at the ATK plant site and around the ranch. The rest of the time he is just working around the ranch. When asked if he has a garden he just said, “No!”


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