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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

We sympathize with Orson and Jeannette Poulsen on the loss of Jeannette’s son, Jimmy Ren Pearson. He will be buried in Penrose.

Boyd Udy says he is just doing regular work around the ranch. He is also enjoying the cooler weather and the rain.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are grateful for the rain at their place. “It does make the weeds grow, but they are easier to pull out if the ground is damper,” Starr says. The Mitchells are also enjoying a second cutting of spinach.

Clynn and Winnie Richman thank Boyd Udy, Ben Adams and Ellis O’Driscoll for their help in getting the Richman’s horses off the winter pasture, separated and the mares and colts put on the summer pasture. It was easier with the men’s four-wheelers than with horses and trucks. El accompanied Winnie to Anderson Livestock Auction to hold for sale on Tuesday.

On Tuesday the horses sold fairly well. Winnie says, “hi,” to Larry Summers who is a friend from high school days who was there also.

Winnie finished two more canvasses at art, drove to Brigham City for Marriah and Skyler’s piano lessons, did some shopping and returned home to chores, dinner and TV.

Clynn thanks Dan Keetch for sending word that one of the Richman cows and her calf were in his corral. Winnie was able to go get them with the stock trailer and turn them loose on the summer pasture west of the Double S Bar Ranch home.

On Friday Winnie decorated graves from Lewiston to Brigham City. Clynn didn’t feel up to the trip.

Winnie finished the plowing and touch-up spots on Clynn’s lease place. The touch-up spots show some really “creative” plow mark designs. “I just wanted to try to get rid of all the dyer’s woad,” Winnie says. “I didn’t want to spend three hours doing the whole piece, and I thought hitting the troublesome weeds at a different angle might be of help.” She will wait and see.

While Winnie was plowing, son Aaron and April came out and did Winnie several favors before returning home.

Laura Wheatley reports there are no baby chicks yet. She fears there probably won’t be any. She, Everly and Georgia went to Willow Park in Logan to see all the animals. The girls really liked the emus. Everly didn’t like the peacocks because they were “too noisy.”



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