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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Zane and Laura Wheatley are proud of their daughters, Everly and Georgia. The girls, ages three and two, respectively, performed with the rest of the Primary in the Mother’s Day sacrament program at thhe Thatcher/Penrose 2nd Ward.

Everly and Georgia enjoyed a wonderful sleepover with their cousin, Mia, in Lewiston. The children all had fun in the kiddie swimming pool and at Lewiston park. Both girls ask, “when are we going back to Mia’s, Mom?”

As far as ‘school’ goes, Everly is struggling to be funny and learn her letters in “some other way”. Georgia truly is trying but would much rather sing.

Their hens are still sitting on the eggs in their nests but no baby chicks yet. It is going on three weeks since the Wheatleys discovered the sitting hens. It is supposed to only take three weeks, so maybe sometime soon?

Boyd Udy helped Winnie Richman, El O’Driscoll, Don Keetch and Rick Mitton try to capture some of the Richman’s horses on Friday. The horses outran the Richman truck with Winnie behind the wheel! The other horses and four-wheeler hadn’t a chance either. The chase began again and some of the animals were corralled. The mares with colts were put on the mountain pasture and the others left with hay and water to wait for another day of gathering.

Boyd is plowing fire breaks, not only at the ATK Ranch, but also across the valley at the ATK plant site. “I’m afraid things are going to get dry and hot,” he says.

On Monday Winnie Richman made a quick trip to town to get one last load of grain for the steers. She has been going about every two weeks since late December.

“Since I can no longer unload many man y sacks in an afternoon, I get a two week supply and our son Lyle comes out to do the unloading. I make sure I have a good meal ready and waiting. Clynn and I really enjoy talking with him over dinner,” Winnie says.

On Tuesday Winnie had a “good” doctor appointment with Dr. Swift in Ogden. It is not mandatory for her to have surgery.

After art these days, Winnie is trying teach Marriah and Skyler Richman their piano lessons.

“I can’t begin to be like Mrs. Smith,” she says, “but the kids are patient with me and we’re all learning.”

Thursday after chores, Winnie drove to Honeyville to watch Brantzen Richman play baseball. He hit the ball hard enough so as not to be caught and earned a one-base hit.

Jim and Starr put in their tomatoes and green pepper plants, and harvested the first of their spinach for their salads. They are grateful for the recent rains.



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