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Minor earthquake hits Blue Creek

intensityA magnitude 3.1 earthquake occurred on Wednesday, May 29, at about 7:32 a.m.  The epicenter was about seven miles east of Blue Creek and nine miles northeast of Howell, but was felt as far away as Honeyville.

Most of those who felt it, however, were unaware of what it was.  Several Leader readers commented on facebook after learning they had experienced an earthquake.

Thatcher resident Jean Eddy said, “We felt it here in Thatcher.  Felt like a flock of birds taking off from our roof.  How about that! Didn’t think nothing about it.”

Tori McBride of Tremonton also felt a slight tremor.  “My cupboards rattled a little but didn’t think much of it,” she posted.

Brandy Rowley had this to say, “Felt it in Tremonton, but just thought it was a big truck driving down the road.”

“I thought it was my kids slamming the door,” said Heather Ward.

Garland resident Tanya Evans said, “I felt it but not enough to realize what it was for sure at the time.”

Brigham City resident Mark Albertson posted his thoughts about the quake, well.  “It shook all the glasses off the shelves, collapsed our garage on top of our cars and cracked the foundation of our house, releasing natural gas, and fires are everywhere – wait, never mind, that was the MOVIE “Earthquake” – didn’t feel a thing.”


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