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Plymouth on water boil order

The town of Plymouth has been put under a boil water order after the system tested positive for E. Coli.  The contamination was discovered following routine water testing by the Bear River Health Department.

The notification came late Friday afternoon, according to Mayor Hal Mason.  Residents were contacted  and the order will be in place until the system is cleared.  Mason said more samples were taken Friday night and the town should know by Saturday evening if the water is safe for consumption. 

Mason said Plymouth has “some of the cleanest water in the state” and there has been no history of problems “for a very long time.”

He said town officials were diligent in contacting residents to inform them of the boil order and a few told him they had been experiencing flu-like symptoms.  It is unknown whether or not they are related to the water problem.

 Fire hydrants have been opened up, homeowners have been asked to run hoses and chlorine levels have been increased in an attempt to flush the system.


2 comments for “Plymouth on water boil order

  1. amh
    May 25, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Only reason i found iut was because a friend in Wyoming saw it on the news and called me at 10 oclock last night. I had to call many other people who were not notified.

  2. Carrie Davis
    May 25, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Sorry, but there was NOT any diligence in notifying the residents here in Plymouth. I only found out because a neighbor came to give me something and asked if I had heard about the water problem. Not ALL of the residents were notified! Nothing was posted at our community bulletin board, no notices put on our doors or in mail boxes. This could have, and still could be, a serious problem for a lot of people. I am rather angry about the lack of notification because I have a weakened immune system due to ongoing recovery from surgery and this could cause a serious problem for those like me. We are told to boil our water but nothing was said about showering or bathing, washing hands, etc. if one has an open wound. Also our pets should not allowed to drink the water without being boiled because they can get sick from it too.

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