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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley’s girls, Everly and Georgia, are learning where baby chickens come from. Laura and Zane decided to let their hens sit on their nests to see if the hens can produce chicks. It all came about when the girls asked what is in eggs. They were told little birds and chickens came out of eggs. When the wind blew a bird nest down and an egg cracked open, Georgia saw it and said, “But mommy, there isn’t a bird in it!” So now the Wheatley family is eagerly awaiting baby chicks. It only takes about three weeks.
Jim and Starr Mitchell are very happy to report their new Brittany Spaniel pup Lady is doing well with her house training. Her other training is just a matter of time, patience and repetition. “She is a fast learner,” Starr says. In other news the Mitchell garden is producing some peas and spinach plants and the new green beans are beginning to come up from the ground.
Cleo Petit states emphatically, “I hate this cold! It seems I just get warm and it gets cold again. All these changes give me a cold. Then I feel like the Kleenex Queen.”
Cleo and Gary have tilled their garden spot, but are waiting for warmer weather to plant the few things they want.
Boyd Udy is just waiting for the Western National cutting competition to begin in Reno, Nev. He has been invited to help with the cattle there. Meanwhile he is working around the ranch.
Winnie Richman finally got told to “go plow.” So on Monday she did. “I can’t believe how dry the ground is,” she says.
Tuesday Winnie took grandchildren Marriah and Skyler Richman to their piano lessons. They did really well.
Saturday was the piano recital. Marriah played a duet with her teacher Mrs. Smith, and a lovely solo piece. Skyler played two duets with Mrs. Smith and did very well. “I am so proud of our grandchildren’s progress,” Winnie says. She called Clynn on her cell phone so he could listen, too.
Winnie is beginning one of three or four final paintings for her project. She started painting 11 years ago with this project in mind. All this time has mostly been practice for this one thing. Winnie’s friend Carolyn Carter has started a 16×20 inch canvas of flowers.



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