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Annette Macfarlane Resigns

New Hope Crisis Center director Annette Macfarlane comments:

Sometimes actions undertaken with the best of intentions go an entirely unintended direction. This is what happened regarding remarks I made during a public comment period at the Tremonton City council meeting in March.

My intent was to alert the council about possible consequences with bringing a pig slaughterhouse into the community; the outcome was I hurt and offended a group of people whom I respect and value.

The firestorm of media attention which resulted from these comments made it impossible to continue in my position of executive director of New Hope Crisis Center, and I resigned May 1.

I realize what I said has hurt many, and, again, I am deeply saddened and deeply regret this. This was not my intent. I am neither a racist nor a bigot.

For the full letter, pick up a copy of this week’s Leader


2 comments for “Annette Macfarlane Resigns

  1. John D Kitch
    May 8, 2013 at 1:04 pm

    I am sincerely sorry to see this.
    I consider myself to be a friend of Annette’s and I can assure any and all that there was no malice intended in the comment she made at that Council meeting.
    It is indeed sorry to see this happen. I, myself, have had a number of people comment about me due to my stand on the meat processing plant potentially coming into Tremonton up to and including calling me a liar.
    So, for what it’s worth… Annette, I’m sorry you resigned. New Hope Crisis Center will be hard pressed to find someone who can replace you and cares as much for the people that need their service.

  2. Roque Hernandez
    May 14, 2013 at 7:30 am

    I’m sure her intentions were good everybody has good intentions but as a professional you have to know where to draw the line between Personal feelings and the job at hand. Even if these statistics were true the time and age that we are now currently in prohibits us from prejudice especially a woman in her position on a public floor we all can say what we want among friends but out right bigotry in a public setting is a thing of the past. A total lack of business ethics.

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