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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura and Zane Wheatley joined other family adults for a game day at Dennis and Susan Hendrick’s home. There were six adults who attended. All brought something to eat; Laura provided sandwiches. The children all had babysitters.
Laura also reports their calves are all doing good. She thinks they are about 400 pounds. Cleo Petit reports a good breakfast at JD’s Restaurant with friends. She also says she has no flowers coming up due to the deer.. The deer also nibble on her wild rose bush as it sprouts.  Boyd Udy helped brand calves at the ranch. After a short rest, the calves and their mothers were turned out to spring pastures.
On Tuesday, Winnie Richman drove to the Bear River Valley Co-op for grain for the Double S Bar fattening calves and cat food for the many ranch mousers. “If the cats are well fed they will stick around the house and granary looking for and patiently waiting for the mice to come out,” Winnie says. “If the cats are hungry they will go into the fields away from the house and granary to find a meal. Then the mice will come out of hiding without fear and do damage to the grain sacks and in the house.”
It’s very damaging to hear Winnie scream when she sees a mouse in the house! It has been a number of years since any damage has been done to any grain sacks, thanks to the cats.
Son Lyle came out to unload the grain for Winnie and eat a roast beef dinner.
On Wednesday Winnie had a cataract removed from her right eye by Dr. David Lewis at the Brigham City Community Hospital. She thanks sister Pam Apodaca for taking her to town and bringing her home. Daughter Heather Lott did night chores and watering.
After a nap, Winnie fixed a leftover dinner for Clynn and herself, enjoyed the beginning of the NBA playoff series and went to bed. She reports being able to see very well again. “I wonder how much I’ve been missing with my blurry vision?” she says.
On Thursday Winnie had her post operation check up, bought groceries and came home to chores, basketball and rest.
After church Aaron Richman came to the Double S Bar to help Winnie. While there he fixed a cabinet so Winnie could have a separate place to put empty jars.



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