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Council approves curbside recycling

Tyler Larsen
Leader Correspondent

The Tremonton City Council approved the Optional Curbside Recycling Program offered by Econo Waste during the city council meeting on April 16. This optional curbside program allows each household to decide if they’d like to participate in the program.
The program entails participating residents receiving a distinctive blue barrel, representative of Econo Waste’s recycling program. The trash would be picked up biweekly, Monday and Friday, the same schedule as the regular garbage. Cardboard, paper, metals and other non-food items will be recycled. People participating in the program would not need to sort their recyclables.
In other action, people all over Box Elder County have been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the public hearing for the Shuman Park splash pad. Many splash pad advocates attended the meeting to voice their excitement. Children came in swimming suits and summer gear to show their support.
All the hard work the splash pad committee put in seems to have paid off. At the meeting, council members unanimously voted to amend the Tremonton City Annual Implementation Budget (2012-2013). This means Tremonton City will use park funds to pay the remaining costs of the splash pad. City officials have started the bidding process and expect to have the splash pad up and running by late May or early June.
Council member Diana Doutre said of the splash pad, “I anticipate it to be a booming thing.”
Several council members volunteered to be the first to donate benches to the park and hope other members of the community will show their support.

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1 comment for “Council approves curbside recycling

  1. Russell L. Scott
    May 17, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    So recycling is coming to Tremonton City & it is optional … (for now, at least). Reading the ‘Opt-Out’ sign-up sheet made me think a little about this … I pay for my garbage to be picked-up & hauled away every month, but now I am offered the opportunity to pay for my garbage & pay for my recyclables (garbage that is sorted be me) to be picked-up. If Tremonton City or a recycling company wants to make money from my recyclables, they can sort it themselves, not have me pay them so I can sort it for them. Also the recyclables will not be weighed as part of the garbage when it is dumped & thus charged less, but I still pay the same price each month. Seems that this is really a money making deal … only, not for me.

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