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Pad could make splash this summer


Cari Doutre
Leader Staff Writer

Tremonton City is very close to getting a splash pad and just a public hearing stands in the way.
Justin Ellingford has been heading up a committee and fundraising efforts for nearly a year to build a splash pad over the old tennis courts at Shuman Park. Donations for a new bathroom came in last fall and the city helped fund the construction of the much needed amenity.
Ellingford announced Tuesday night to the city council that the Box Elder Tourism board granted the splash pad $15,000, which will be added to the $3,000 raised last summer during a fundraiser. The remaining cost for the project is unsure, but Tremonton City Manager Shawn Warnke estimates it could cost about $53,000 to complete the splash pad.
“We’re moving as quickly as we can,” said Tremonton City Mayor Roger Fridal.
If the city does decide to fund the rest of the cost, they would have to find money from other areas and hold a public hearing to amend the budget.  That public hearing is set for April 16, at 7 p.m., during the council’s regular meeting.
Warnke estimates the splash pad would only take about a month, depending on weather and availability of parts, to construct, if approved. The bathrooms are almost completed, with just cosmetic additions such as paint and fixtures left.
In other council news, the council signed a quick claim deed to swap land with Box Elder County to help extend the fairgrounds. Tremonton City deeded a portion of property they own between the fairgrounds and the golf course and, in exchange, the city will receive property north of the fairgrounds near their recreation offices.
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