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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Over the weekend, Boyd and Kris Udy traveled to Montana to visit one of Boyd’s friends whose wife is ailing. They all had a good visit. During the trip Boyd and Kris met up with son Tyrell. He is in good shape and loving his job. Boyd is currently shoeing horses to get them ready for spring riding and work.
Laura, Everly and Georgia Wheatley drove to Farmington to Laura’s craft group. The children were able to have a picnic lunch outside since the weather was so warm.
Laura and her sister JoAnn went to the park with their children to play. While there they saw some geese. The birds were as big as the children and their loud honking was somewhat scary.
Cleo Petit admits to just hanging out at home lately. “There is plenty to do,” she says, “and we enjoy going to town once a week.”
Jim and Starr Mitchell are celebrating their return to good health by doing spring cleaning. The couple’s garden is getting done, too.
Winnie Richman is enjoying more and more days at home. “I can just relax and enjoy my work without hurrying.” She can also take a nap!
On Tuesday Winnie took Marriah and Skyler to piano lessons.
On Wednesday Winnie signed her most recent painting. The teacher always makes her students sign their canvases as the last thing to do before taking them home. Carolyn Carter is almost finished with her latest portrait.
Clynn gives thanks to Lynn Ewer in Tremonton for his kind and helpful advice on Saturday concerning a water pump problem. On Sunday Aaron, April and Skyler Richman, Rowdy and Dalton Richman, Lyle Richman and his good friend Tony Gonzales came to see about the pump, also.
Greg and Heather Lott drove out Saturday to feed the mother cows and look for more calves. They spotted a beautiful red heifer with a naturally bobbed tail.
Before going home they volunteered to give Winnie the evening off and did all her chores and watering.



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