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Take it to the curb


Cari Doutre
Leader Staff Writer

For those residents wanting more recycling options, Tremonton City may be able to help.
During Tuesday night’s Tremonton City Council meeting, the council discussed an option presented to them by Econowaste, Tremonton’s garbage collection agency, to start offering curbside recycling for residents.
The plan is simple. All residents will be charged $4.50 a month and given a blue recycling can. If residents don’t want to recycle and be charged the fee, they must call to opt out. The city needs to keep 50 percent of households in the program to keep the low monthly cost. There will be no cost to the city or to residents for the recycling bins.
Every other week the blue recycling bins will be emptied. Residents can recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and tins (such as aluminum cans). The council wants to first hear from the public about this option and will hold a public hearing at a date that has yet to be set.
“I think it’s a good idea but we don’t want to force them,” said councilman Jeff Reese.
Rusty Scoffield, a Tremonton City Public Works employee, interjected that the recycling bins located by the city offices fill up quickly and sometimes faster than the city can empty them.
“It’s amazing to me how many people use it,” said Scoffield.
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