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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Starr Mitchell is recovering from her recent illness.   She has been cleaning up the family greenhouse and has already planted asparagus, rosemary and basil plants.  She will try to plant something new every day.
She says, “The rocks seem to have grown during the winter.”  The couple is removing them from the garden area.  Jim has hooked up the hose to water the family’s steers.
“It sure is easier to water with a hose,” he says.
Laura Wheatley says the chickens are now laying eggs again.  Everly and Georgia love gathering them.  Everly tried to imitate a hen laying an egg and her parents laughed and laughed.
“Our hermit life in the house is now over,” Laura says.  “We are outside much more now, but the girls really miss sledding on El’s hill.
She says there are no tulips or daffodils up yet.
Boyd and Kris Udy drove back up to Montana recently to visit son and daughter-in-law, Tyrell and Aaron Udy.
“It is beautiful country and Ty has a dream job,” Boyd says.  He also reports his calving is almost done.  While in Montana, Boyd and Kris stopped to visit a friend who lives near Tyrell.
Cleo Petit is happy spring is here.  She and Gary have plans to start their garden soon.  Meanwhile they are just cleaning up from winter.
Clynn and Winnie Richman spent Monday at home.  On Tuesday, Clynn’s brother, DeLoy Richman, and cousin, Joyner Lofthouse, came out for a chat.
On Wednesday, the Richmans celebrated son Aaron’s birthday at Maddox Ranch House, with Dick and Carolyn Carter, Zach and Skyler Richman and Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen Richman.
Before dinner, Aaron came to the ranch to fix the big tractor and feed the cows and horses, with April’s help behind the wheel of the tractor.  The couple counted 19 calves.  Then they did chores and watered.
On Saturday, Greg and Heather Lott came to feed and Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen came out with a load of hay for the ranch.
Sunday the TP 2nd Ward choir sang during sacrament meeting.  Aaron and April were feeding the cows when Winnie got home.  Then they did the watering so Winnie would only have chores later.
Clynn gives a huge thank you to Clay Nicholas for riding the east side of his winter pasture to check on the cows and calves there.  A few new calves were discovered.



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