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Guest Opinion-Where to from here?

Lyle Holmgren

During the past several weeks, the City Council and community have participated in a public debate about whether or not we should allow a company the opportunity to come to Tremonton and construct a hog processing facility in the old La-Z-Boy plant. During this time, many citizens offered well prepared arguments supported both sides of the issue. We had a public comment period where people strongly voiced their opposition to having the plant locate in Tremonton.

Personally, and not as a member of the City Council, I was saddened that some residents that night expressed their opposition in such a way that many of those who were in favor of the project didn’t say anything because they were worried about being booed or jeered at. Some merchants who were there were afraid they might even lose valuable business if they expressed their favorable opinion. It was a public hearing where all opinions are valued.

I was surprised by those who made racial comments and slurs. They were insulting and offensive to me as well as many others. We are better than that.

We have now chosen not to bring this company to our community. My guess is that the La-Z-Boy plant will remain empty into the foreseeable future. In addition, we have other problems facing us. ATK has announced they will lay off more workers. Downtown continues to struggle and our jobless rate remains higher than the state average.

Most everyone agrees there is an urgent need for new jobs in our community.

…Check out this week’s Leader for the full story.


1 comment for “Guest Opinion-Where to from here?

  1. Meridee McDermott
    March 20, 2013 at 10:19 pm

    I was unable to attend the city council meeting regarding the proposed new processing facility, so I was grateful to see THE LEADER’s recordings from the meeting. I concur with Councilman Holmgren’s opinion regarding the meeting. I was sorry to see the behavior exhibited towards our city council — especially those who had visited or were “open” to reviewing this new project. We are all “entitled” to our opinions – but not “entitled” to treat others poorly because of their opinions. It seemed those in attendance who voiced their anti-pig processing opinions were close-minded, disrespectful and arrogant. Statements regarding “jobs beneath us” or “jobs we do not want our chldren to have”, someone actually bringing manure for Paul Fulgham to open, showed the true colors of those people. I feel that this business should have been investigated further– options investigated — before it was totally shut down. Sadly we will never know what the real disadvantages/advantages would have been for our community. I had not formed an opinion regarding this issue but was looking forward to hearing more about it.Sadly, Tremonton residents fit well into the “polarizing politics” of our time where we find the way to get our “way” is to ridicule, degrade, question the credibility of others,and express arrogance. I applaud those council members who were willing to promote the over all good for our city. THank you for your willingness to serve and I apologize for my fellow-citizens who forgot and felt they needed to shame you into their way of thinking.

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