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Promontory Pointers


Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy has good news! His families’ chariot racing teams each placed at the state finals last weekend. “I am proud of them,” Boyd says. “They all won trophies and ran real good races. They had no injuries and will be ready for the World Championships the last two weekends in March.”
Boyd thinks this cold weather “needs to go away!” He reports all his family is fine.
Laura Wheatley and girls went to Megan and Colby LeBaron’s home to celebrate son Noah’s first birthday. Megan had the caterpillar as her theme for the party. Everything possible was a green color. Part of the food was cups of pudding with crushed Oreos and gummy worms on top. The birthday cake was made of cupcakes which were lined up in a caterpillar shape. The party was held on Saturday in Layton on the day of the blizzard. Everly and Georgia were thrilled with the food and also with being allowed to help open the presents. They didn’t even complain when all the gifts were for Noah. Noah is Laura’s nephew.
We wish Jim and Starr Mitchell a speedy recovery from their two-week illness. They report just “hanging in there” and keeping calm.
Gary and Cleo Petit are well, but staying home waiting for spring. “We want to outlast this bad weather,” Cleo says.
Once again Winnie Richman got to stay home on Monday. On Tuesday, after piano lessons for Skyler Richman, Winnie purchased three take-home dinners from Maddox to feed Clynn, Lyle and her after feeding cows at their winter pasture.
On Wednesday Winnie and friend Carolyn Carter had no art due to their teacher’s ill health. So, instead, the twosome went to Layton to find the place to visit a doctor whose address appeared on his card. It was easier than expected. Winnie then enjoyed a meal at the Golden Corral with Carolyn. Sadly, neither of the two ladies were asked if they were seniors. They were just given that discount.
On Saturday, Greg and Heather Lott came to the ranch to help Winnie feed the cows and count to see if any more calves had been born. Five new additions to the Richman herd were observed.
Saturday, in the late afternoon, Lyle and children Reagen and Brantzen came to the ranch to deliver a load of hay for the Richman livestock. Clynn, Winnie, Lyle and children sat down to Winnie’s good spaghetti dinner after the hay was unloaded and stacked.
Sunday morning, after Winnie had already gone to church, son Aaron and April came out, fed the cows, and did Winnie’s night watering.
Sunday evening Clynn and Winnie thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of the Oscar awards. One interesting part was how very similar Seth MacFarlane, the new Oscars host, looked to one of Winnie’s cousin’s sons. Amazing, except the names are not alike.



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