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Pig Processing Plant? What You’re Saying…

The Leader asked on facebook about the possibility of a processing plant coming to Tremonton.  Here are some responses:
– Jonna Freeman Comstock If it was in the direction of the little mountain way out of town…but I know of the smell that pigs can bring. I am sorry, this is not for us to build the community that we all want. I really think our city leaders can do better…keep trying…
– Bryan Jones It will bring much-needed jobs to our community and a large plant will bring in needed taxes so that we “might” be able to afford more than one snow plow. I say go for it.
– Lindsay Hales Everyone thinks that this hog plant is going to stink, but it’s not. It’s all indoors and they said when they visited the other plant that the company owns the neighbors didn’t complain about a smell at all. In fact some of the people who lived near by didn’t even know they lived by a hog processing plant. So I think maybe we should consider the idea. It might be good for the community.
– Betty Spencer any business in Tremonton is a blessing at this time. We have to have processing plants somewhere. Groceries store don’t process the meat.
– Crista Anderson Francis I say Tremonton and Box Elder County need an economy boost. Plus who doesn’t like bacon!
– Carol Ann Christensen Barton We need jobs. As long as they maintain their sanitation quotas, good idea.
– Josh Mecham Ok, people, being one of the people who has spent the last 4 1/2 years trying to keep the La-Z-Boy facility up just so they could sell it and bring in jobs makes me furious to hear you people bicker.  It’s jobs, people, we need jobs.
– Jami Summers If it brings jobs to our community and helps out families in need….then deal with the smell, people!!
– Andrew Peedle I am very concerned about the smell. I live very close to the plant and fear my house would lose significant value if this goes in. I know that is very Nimby, but it is also a reality. I am all for jobs, but not at the expense of the community we love.
– George Ann Batis Our communities job growth is-4.85 on Utahecomony.com with more and more businesses moving out of city limits or closing. No matter what the concerns may be, let’s learn everything we can before we turn away opportunity that we so desperately need. An educated decision is always worth the effort.
– Kathy Fuhriman I lived downwind from a beef rendering plant for many years when I lived in Nibley. The smell was nearly unbearable every day during most of the year. That was a primary reason why we moved to Tremonton. Sure hope I do not have to repeat that experience.
– Jess Daniels I’ve never noticed strong odors at the plants I’ve delivered to in Phoenix or Hyrum but I’ve always visited during winter months. If there are strong odors associated with the plant I’d believe we have better places in the county to put them.
– Monica Udy-Stokes I am in favor of the plant. Any production plant has odor. I would suspect that this plant has better technology than the one in Hyrum had at the time it was built. Ultimately it all comes down to the pros vs. cons.

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1 comment for “Pig Processing Plant? What You’re Saying…

  1. Shanna Sexton
    March 6, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    This plant would be in my backyard literally! We live in city limits! This would destroy our home values or the chance at resale. Not to mention put my family at risk for any containment issues. I am all for jobs, but put it in the country where it is not in the vicinity of homes, nieghborhoods, and 2 schools!

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