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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley says Everly loves to play hide and go seek. She needs to learn to count to 10 instead of just “one, two, ready or not!”
Laura took Everly and Georgia to Logan last week. While there, the three rode a public bus from the beginning of its route back to its starting place.
The ride was fun and free. Georgia was a little frightened at first, but got used to it. Everly not only loved it, but wants to go back again.
They all also visited a pet store. “It’s like an indoor zoo,” Laura says.
Cleo and Gary Petit traveled to Brigham City last week to have breakfast with friends. The Petit’s enjoy looking out their windows at their neighbor’s calves.
They are keeping count and seeing how many new calves come each day.
Boyd Udy says it’s just too cold, too snowy and too freezing. “I’m ready for spring anytime!” He is watching the cows every day as the calving season is starting.
Winnie Richman says, “Hi!” to faithful reader Coleen Bay at the Utah DMV in Brigham City.
Since Monday was a holiday Winnie could stay home, she tried making sausage and egg sandwiches for breakfast. She thinks plain English muffins would have tasted better than cinnamon-blueberry flavor.
Tuesday, son Lyle Richman came out to the Double S Bar Ranch to unload grain for Winnie to feed steers. He stayed for dinner.
Marriah Richman was the only one at her piano lesson. Winnie enjoyed listening and talking to her for a few minutes afterward. Marriah admits to having improved all her grades at school recently.
On Wednesday Winnie made a good start on a new canvas at art class. Friend Carolyn Carter is working on a portrait of one of her granddaughters and made great progress.
Grandson Colton Lott is Clynn and Winnie’s oldest grandchild. He turned 21 on Saturday, near Phoenix, Ariz. To celebrate the big day, he and brother Caden went out of town to look at a new bike for Caden.
Winnie enjoyed a full block meeting on Sunday with no library and an interesting and informative choir practice after church.





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