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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman
Leader Correspondent

Promontory residents would like to give their thanks to the Box Elder County road crews for keeping the roads open and passable through the snow this winter. They have been seen at all hours of the day and early morning. With their sand and salt and the help of occasional sunlight, the community has been comfortable.
We sympathize with Laura Wheatley and her family on the passing of her grandfather, Mr. Hyer, at the age of 90. Laura says it was good to visit with many family members at the time of his funeral. Everly and Georgia traveled with Laura and behaved well. Both little girls got a little flu, but are recovering.
Laura also reports their calves are doing well. She further reports that Everly and Georgia enjoyed making Valentine’s cookies and delivering them.
Starr Mitchell noticed her diamond engagement ring was beginning to catch on fabric lately. She looked closely and saw that it was very worn on the prongs. “I never take it off,” she says, “and after 33 years, I guess I thought it would last forever.” Starr took the ring to “Mr. Steve” at Hansen’s Jewelry. “I was very impressed! It looks just like new,” she says.
Jim and Starr feed the wild birds regularly. Both large and tiny birds are waiting at feeding times. Sometimes the Mitchells have leftover bread, which they toast just before feeding it. The toast is distributed whole and the birds perch on it to warm their toes while they eat it.
Boyd Udy is feeding cows from his pickup truck. “The snow is just too deep for a team to get a wagon through,” he says. Boyd says he is grateful for moderating temperatures and some sun since some of the cows are beginning to have their calves.
Clynn Richman ways, “Thank you, Darren Nicholas at Nicholas Welding in Honeyville, for doing such a beautiful and strong welding job on our snowplow.” Winnie Richman is grateful, too, since it broke while Winnie was using it. Son Lyle came and loaded it on his trailer, then brought it home and helped attach it to the tractor. Winnie had spaghetti and her meat sauce ready for him to eat afterward.
On Sunday, Winnie came home from church to find Aaron and April had already fed the mother cows and had done her watering chores, too. “I don’t like to water,” Winnie says. “The hose is hard to drain properly so it won’t freeze up, and it’s slow work getting it coiled up in large circles.”
The Thatcher/Penrose 2nd Ward choir sang during sacrament meeting Sunday. Winnie sings alto and enjoys it very much. Carol Larsen and Brooklyn Schultz were instrumental in the great sound.



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