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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley, her two sisters-in-law and their children and Everly and Georgia had a wonderful time sledding on El O’Driscoll’s hill across the street from the Wheatleys last week. It was Everly and Georgia’s first time sledding. “I was worried they came downhill too fast,” Laura says. “But they really did enjoy it. So did their cousins.”

The children were all excited about being in the snow. “The day turned out really well and El’s hill was very convenient,” Laura adds.

We sympathize with Boyd Udy on the passing of his grandmother May Allen at age 100. He attended the funeral last week.

Boyd reports that Crocker came through well from being in Kris’ care. He is used to being left and Kris likes to feed and spoil him just a little, but not too much. “She’s a good one with horses, but she just doesn’t like to ride,” he says. Otherwise, Boyd is just digging out and pushing snow.

Starr and Jim Mitchell report being happy for a few days of sunshine. They still have 12 chickens. The birds are still laying eggs (with the help of a sunlamp to keep them warm and add extra light to their days at night.) “When the chickens get older, they get tougher,” Starr explains. “This makes them good candidates for the crockpot.”

Cleo and Gary Petit report staying home and having fun. They are warm and finding lots to do around the house. “The weather was nice for awhile … but now!” Cleo says.

Winnie Richman had to stay home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday … and Thursday … and Friday! The roads were fearsome, especially after sliding off Sunday and needing to be rescued Monday.

On Friday Greg and Heather Lott came to the Double S Bar to help feed. It was impossible to get back from the field without the help of the tractor. The tractor followed the truck and wagon down the road to the winter pasture where Greg forked off the hay a bale at a time and took it out on the hill and fed it. He was very cold by the time he got the tractor home. He and Heather drove to town for a hot pizza.

Saturday Winnie got to town for some “must haves.” Sunday church and choir practice and a quiet afternoon brought the week to a calm close.


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