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Love at first sight

Jay and Cleo Macfarlane

Jessica Tanner

Leader Assistant Editor

It was love at first sight for Jay and Cleo Macfarlane of Riverside, who will celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary this May. The years have been filled with many wonderful experiences, working and raising children in Riverside.

The couple met when Jay attended a dance in Malad not too far from Henderson Creek where Cleo grew up. He ran into an old friend who asked him if he had met his little sister, Cleo. The two hit it off and went on a few dates before Jay left to serve in the Army for six months. He served in the 41 Air Deputy Repair Squad and was transferred to Albuquerque, N.M. Jay and Cleo wrote letters and talked on the telephone every chance they got.

Soon after his arrival in Albuquerque, his mother had a serious operation so he was given 10 days furlough, which was later extended to 30. During that time he courted Cleo and gave her a ring.

Before being shipped overseas, Jay convinced Cleo to come to Albuquerque to be married. They planned to marry in the LDS Mesa Temple in Arizona, but it was closed for renovations. Due to time restrictions, they improvised and had one of his former missionary companions marry them while another companion acted as the best man. Cleo’s sister was her bridesmaid. They were married on May 9, 1943, the second day of a three-day pass.

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Always in Perfect Step

Gordon and Jo Lasley

Ellen Cook

Leader Editor

On their first date, Jo Lasley learned her husband-to-be Gordon didn’t have an ounce of rhythm when it came to dancing.  But that hasn’t stopped this Thatcher pair from waltzing through 60 years of marriage as partners, and always in perfect step.

Jo was only a high school junior in Idaho Falls, Idaho, when she spotted Gordon in the congregation during church.  He was there with a roommate from Ricks College and she was impressed with the Rockland, Idaho man’s “gorgeous hair, blue eyes” and slender frame.

“I was smittened,” Jo remembered.

A short time later, that same roommate stopped to offer Jo and a friend a ride.  In the back seat sat Gordon and Jo got her first introduction.

When the girls waved goodbye, Jo turned to her friend.  “Did you see that tall, skinny guy in the back seat?” she asked.  “I’m going to marry him!”  Jo said he was hooked before he knew it.

Gordon would argue that fact.  “She took my eye, no question of that,” he said of that first meeting.  In fact, he was the one who wrote and asked her out to a church dance.  Jo immediately agreed.

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