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Man charged in stabbing, kidnapping

A 31-year-old man is in the Box Elder County Jail after reportedly stabbing his cousin and holding his girlfriend hostage in his car.
Robert Torres also faces charges of theft, assault and assault with domestic violence stemming from an incident that began on Sunday, Feb. 3, and ended near 2 a.m., on Monday in Brigham City.
Dennis Vincent, detective with Brigham City Police, said Torres alledgedly held his 20-year-old girlfriend captive in his car for part of Sunday and into the early morning hours. The victim said Torres would not let her out of the vehicle and hit her several times as he drove irratically around the city, running through stoplights and acting agitated.
Around 2 a.m., Vincent said, Torres stopped at the home of his cousin, 22-year-old Mario Fresques, and the victim was able to exit the car and escape into the house.
Torres came upon the porch, and when Fresques attempted to stop him, Torres used pepper spray on the man and another 21-year-old female who was also on the porch. Torres then pulled out some type of edged weapon and stabbed Fresques in the arm.
Police were called to the scene and eventually located and arrested Torres. The stabbing victim was treated at Brigham City Community Hospital for his wound. No weapon was ever found, Vincent said.


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