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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

The Promontory community welcomes Deputy Zieseniss as our new community representative from the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office. He has been with the department for seven years but has only been on patrol duty for seven months. “If you need anything to do with the sheriff’s office,” he says “please call me at (voicemail) 435-734-3811. I will be glad to try to help.”

Boyd Udy says, “I am tired of snow. Even though we need it badly, I’m still tired of it.” Boyd says the cutter races were cancelled Saturday but was then notified that there would be cutter races on Sunday. On the way home, he dropped Crocker off for Kris to tend for safekeeping. He reports that he barely made it to Promontory with his truck and empty trailer due to the weather. His Sunday began at 4 a.m., helping ATK plow their on-plant roads then to the cutter races and finally home.

Laura Wheatley reports the fun thing of their week was taking Everly and Georgia “ice skating” with their cousins in their new shoes. The ice was the cousins’ driveway and the shoes had slick soles, being new, so all the kids had a great time.

During the week Laura took her girls walking in the fog. The girls called it “frog.”

Cleo Petit says they haven’t been anywhere or done anything. She just watched Gary shoveling and digging in the snow. She is keeping warm and can always find something to do around the house.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are just trying to keep their calves warm and keep them watered. They haul buckets of water several times a day across the street to the barn area. They are also doing lots and lots of snow shoveling. They’re making soup and keeping warm in their home “This little bit of warmer temperatures is really nice,” Starr says.

On Monday, Clynn and Winnie Richman watched President Obama take the Oath of Office publically and give his Inauguration speech. It was interesting. Monday evening son, Lyle, and children, Reagan and Brantzen, came to help Winnie feed the calves. All were excited for the four new calves bucking, running and playing tag.

Tuesday, Winnie attended Marriah and Skyler’s piano lessons. Skyler will pass off another primary song next week.

Wednesday, art was sad. The teacher fell before coming to class and couldn’t get up. She had to stay down until someone came to look for her at her home. She was taken to the hospital with a badly twisted knee and sprained wrist. She will have to recuperate for at least a week.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were home days for Winnie. Sunday coming home from church, Winnie spun off the road and almost into Boyd Udy’s fence. She was well and truly stuck. She called Steve Peterson who came and took her home.


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