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Squad with Advanced Training

Ellen Cook

Leader Editor

Sledge hammers, ram, Flash Bangs, shotguns and a break and rake – all tools of the trade for members of a highly trained group of local law enforcement officers who work together as one.  They are called in when circumstances require more manpower, extra firepower and tighter security.

This cohesive unit also demonstrates intense loyalty, unyielding dedication and steadfast trust, traits needed when dealing with the life or death situations they are prepared to face.

This group is Box Elder County’s SWAT team.  SWAT stands for Special Weapons and Tactics and the squad was in the old Snowville Elementary School on Friday to exercise some of those tactics and practice using those weapons.

The county SWAT team has been together since separating from Brigham City in 2010 and became deployable in 2012.  While the identities of the group’s members are kept confidential, they are, for the most part, officers in the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department who have chosen to add SWAT to their list of skills.

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