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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Laura Wheatley reports mostly staying home and “taking care of the homestead.” Everly and Georgia are still enjoying their kittens. The kitten who took the place of their laid-back kitten is a Siamese. It’s getting more friendly and is much more friendly with the other kitten now. The Wheatley family traveled to Laura’s parents, the Hendricks, to watch the Brigham Young University basketball game. All are sorry the Cougars lost.

Boyd Udy and his horse Crocker went to the cutter races Saturday. Boyd is using Crocker to head the family’s teams to the starting gate. The teams performed well even through the track was very hard. The rest of his time is filled with regular stuff around the ranch.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are striving nightly to keep warm. They have checked all around for cracks, leads and heretofore unnoticed openings. They are keeping their wood stove burning and, Starr admits, doing a lot of cooking. “I love to cook,” she says, “and the extra heat doesn’t hurt either.”

Jim and Starr’s calves are doing well. The couple checks their water several times a day to keep it thawed and to make sure the animals have enough to keep from getting dehydrated. “We’ll hope to have them ready for market late in the spring or early summer,” Starr says.

Cleo and Gary Petit report just being home and keeping warm..

Winnie Richman reports tiny calf number four is doing well. She drove to the winter pasture just to check its progress. “We were a little worried the day it was born because of the very cold weather and the fact that its mother is a first-calf heifer,” Winnie says. “However, the mother has done very well and she and her calf are both doing well.”

Tuesday was piano lesson day for Marriah and Skyler Richman at Mrs. Smith’s home. Winnie doesn’t need to be forced to say the kids are doing great.

During art class on Wednesday, Winnie changed a picture of a black cow to one of a red cow just by applying red paint over the black and adding white to the legs and face.

Wednesday afternoon Jim and Starr Mitchell came over to the Double S Bar to help Winnie with chores, watering and feeding.

Winnie enjoyed a good visit with friend Shirley Jones on Thursday afternoon.

On Sunday after church and choir Aaron and April came out to feed the cows at the lower place. Aaron worked very hard with the partially frozen bales while Winnie and April drove. That night Winnie checked the records for the amount of grain being fed last year to the Richmans’ fattening steers.


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