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City to accept credit card payments

Cari Doutre

Leader Staff Writer

After much debate, the Tremonton City Council voted to allow residents to use credit cards to pay utility, court and recreation fees, but will monitor the effectiveness of the new plan for the next year.

The council debated back and forth over the benefits and the cost to set up the new credit card system. Tremonton City Manager Shawn Warnke said he estimates the initial setup and the fees associated to be about $9,000. All credit card companies charge a fee or a percentage to process a credit card payment.

Right now residents can simply write a check and mail it to the city, drop it off directly to the city offices or put it in the drop box near the city offices. They can pay cash inside the city offices or they can have their monthly payments directly taken out of their checking accounts. They can also pay online using a checking account.

Warnke estimates about half of residents would pay for recreation or court fees with credit cards.

“It’s a service for the citizens of Tremonton,” said Tremonton City Mayor Roger Fridal.

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