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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

The Double S Bar Ranch was busy last week. Aaron and April Richman came out on Monday and Friday to help Winnie Richman feed the cows at their winter pasture and out in the field. On Wednesday, Aaron took half a day off from work to help round up the yearling calves to be sold. Chet Keetch and Richard Nicholas also deserve a big heartfelt thank you for bringing their horses to help with the gathering.

In addition to helping sort the helpers Chet Keetch helped pick out seven likely prospects for replacement heifers. Those were turned back into the field. Winnie hauled half the calves to Smithfield Livestock Auction, and Chet hauled the other half. Richard suggested that since the Richman bulls were already in a corral he could haul them into Tremonton to the Bear River Animal Hospital to be tested and given their annual shots. Clynn says thank you to the veterinarians for their work. So that Richard wouldn’t have to come back to Promontory Winnie picked up the bulls at the clinic and brought them home. She turned them out in the field to be with the horses and heifers.

Thursday in Smithfield at the auction was a big day for the Richmans and the ranch. All the calves sold for a good price. Their weight was almost as high as if they had been kept and fed several more months. “The savings on time and hay offset any lack of gain immeasurably,” Clynn says. “We give grateful thanks to Lane and Jared Parker for their help in selling our calves through their auction.”

On Friday Aaron again came from Brigham City to help feed the cows at their winter pasture. Winnie already had fed hay to the bovines and equines out in the field. The cow herd now has four spritely little black calves from the replacement heifers. The main part of the herd will begin calving in late February.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at home except for morning chores way early before church on Sunday. To provide Clynn with more than a fried egg sandwich for breakfast Winnie will make French toast and syrup Saturday night for his breakfast Sunday morning.

Laura Wheatley’s sister Stacey came to visit her with her children on Saturday. All the children had a great time. “They played and played,” Laura says. The mother tried to take the children outside, but it was just too cold.

Laura had a funeral she attended for a family friend last week. She reports it was a good one.

Boyd Udy says things are getting back to normal at his place. There were no cutter races due to a dangerously hard running surface on Saturday.

Jim and Starr Mitchell received a wonderful 2013 calendar from the creative hands of daughter-in-law Ashley. She took pictures of daughter Gabrielle and put one on each month of the year. Starr says it is too cute to write on or make notes on. The senior Mitchell’s report their calves are doing well and growing good. Mostly the couple is staying in to keep warm and do winter indoor chores.


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