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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Cleo and Gary Petit report a wonderful Christmas day. They joined with many family member at Jim and Starr Mitchell’s home for a delicious dinner. All brought part of the meal. Cleo took a delicious bunch of hor d’oeuvres, including roasted chestnuts wrapped in bacon and secured with a toothpick. Cleo says some of the family members were Tracy and Deb Petit and their children; Wendy, Russell, Jaden and Braxton Menlove, and Mark Coy, and Kayla Mitchell, Steven and Ashley Mitchell and daughter Gabrielle came from Ogden, and Ron Porter and Doris Larsen came from Promontory. “It was a wonderful day with lots of visiting and yaking,” Cleo says.

Jim and Starr Mitchell report that Christmas day was “so nice! We had a full house; we ate; we visited.” A turkey and a ham were served, as well as many salads. Starr spent a couple of days cooking, “but that’s all right, I love to cook!” She says there were about twenty-two people present.

Boyd Udy, wife Kris, their children and grandchildren all gathered Christmas day at the posse building at the Box Elder County fairgrounds. “There is more room for the kids to play,” Boyd says. All the families brought something to eat to contribute to the meal.

Earlier in the week Boyd moved some cows around here and there. “I try to ride a horse every day I can,” he says.

Laura and Zane Wheatley did some last minute shopping before Christmas. “We are well matched in this respect,” Laura says. “We both need to do last minute shopping.”

The Wheatley family shared Christmas with both their parents for a family party, and Christmas day they went to Zane’s parents for dinner.

Laura and Zane found two kittens to grow in to house cats for the girls. One is kinda hyper, and the other is more laid back. The girls love the kittens but can’t come up with names yet. The girls loved unwrapping their presents. Both Everly and Georgia fell asleep while discovering all that was in their stockings. “It was a real good Christmas,” Laura says.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen say they are happy, healthy and enjoying life in the mission field. They say, “Happy New Year, Everyone!”

It seemed to Winnie Richman that she was in town every day last week. And yet she didn’t do anything to write about. “I either had to get things I forgot, or go to the post office,” she says.

On Monday, Winnie delivered Christmas presents all wrapped and ready, along with the traditional Christmas, decorated and and filled, metal cans for the grandkids. This year there was even a box for great-grandson Jayden.

Also on Monday, Winnie got all the Christmas dinner ready. She forgot the pies!

Tuesday, Winnie thought with all the meal ready she could relax and bake the pies, only to realize that the oven was full of turkey and no extra room for pies. The meal was extra good this year, however, a quick call to family revealed there were no stores open on Christmas day, so no pies could be purchased. Bah, Humbug! Starr Mitchell and Joyner Lofthouse saved the day. Starr brought a cheesecake with cherries on top and Joyner provided one of his famous mincemeat pies. Winnie gives them a humble “thank you.”

Christmas day was still wonderful. Clynn and Winnie thank Lyle and Aaron for doing chores and all the family for coming out to the ranch. Greg, Heather, Colton and Caden Lott came out after dinner to say “Hi”. Colton and Caden were home for the holidays from Phoenix, where they are working and going to school. “It was wonderful to see them,” Clynn says.


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