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Illinois Country Girl

Ellen Cook

Leader Editor

Editor’s note:  Everyone has a story to tell.  The Leader wants to tell those stories through this monthly feature titled “Bios of Bear River.”  Each month we will feature a Valley resident chosen randomly from our subscribers’ list.  We hope you enjoy reading about your friends and neighbors – and be ready, yours might be the next number we call.


Jeanne Wheatley is an old hand at giving interviews.  Her somewhat inimitable tale has been told numerous times.  There have been write-ups, follow-ups and updates done about her accomplishments, or at least three of them.

You see, this Deweyville resident made a little bit of “history” just over 40 years ago when she gave birth to triplets – three tiny girls who have since grown up and become mothers of their own, giving Jeanne grandchildren to laud over.

But there is much more to Jeanne Wheatley than that of being a mom in triplicate.  So now, here’s the rest of her story.

Through her growing up years, Jeanne called the state of Illinois home.  Her knowledge of Utah was limited and she had never even heard of a place called Deweyville.  But that didn’t mean she wasn’t familiar with small town living.  Orchard Place was a farming community with dirt roads, no street lights and limited shopping opportunities.  The grade school she attended was small and the life quiet and comfortable.  Big city living was for those people is nearby Chicago.

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