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Promontory Pointers

Winnie Richman

Leader Correspondent

Boyd Udy, with his brothers and sisters and all their families, met at the posse building in Tremonton for their Christmas party.  It was a potluck meal and Santa came for a visit, too.

The Udy family will have all new horses to run in the chariot racing this year.  They will have four teams.  The races started on Saturday, Dec. 22.  “It will be interesting,” Boyd says.

The Zane Wheatley family drove to Willard Bay State Park to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.  There was a horse and buggy ride, but it was just too freezing cold.  After seeing the lights, Zane and Laura took Everly and Georgia to see Santa Claus.  Everly loved Santa, but Georgia was afraid.  Georgia talked a lot about the lighted moose and Everly was excited about the lighted reindeer.

Jim and Starr Mitchell went Christmas tree shopping for a fresh tree. They finally found one in Layton that was from Montana.  “It smells so nice and woodsy,” Starr says.  The couple has it all decorated and ready for the family gathering for Christmas dinner.

Gary Petit reports having done some Christmas shopping last week.  He and Cleo had breakfast with friends.

Winnie Richman is feeding fulltime with the loader tractor out in the field.  “I take a bale out, dump it so I can cut the strings,” she says.  “Then I hop back onto the tractor, put the loader down, and try to feed in as many places in a row as possible.  Sometimes the bale breaks up just right, and other times…”

Tuesday evening, Lyle Richman came to the Double S Bar to unload grain and cat food.  On Saturday, Lyle, Reagen and Brantzen came for a birthday dinner of spaghetti to celebrate Lyle’s birthday.  After cake and ice cream, Lyle asked the kids who they recognized in some pictures from when he was a young scout.

“Brantzen said, “It’s you, Dad, when you had more hair!”

Lyle would like to thank Joycle Poulsen for sending the pictures in her Christmas card to Clynn and Winnie.

Happy New Year, everybody!


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