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Boys’ swim team dominating the pool

Kristi Kent

Leader Sports Writer

With a recent win under their belt, the Bear River swim team was hoping to keep the winning alive but came up short in the team scores, losing to North Summit at home 125-163. The boys team took the lead with 106 against North Summit’s 57 but the girls had a harder time staying afloat with North Summit ending with a strong lead of 106 to 19. The swim team will now host Stansbury on Tuesday, Dec. 18, at 4 p.m., at the Natatorium.

In the 200-meter medley, the relay boys’ team of Riley Parkinson, Brantzen Wood, Anthony Poulsen and Trekker Yepez ended up taking first place, 2:13.38. The second Bears team of Casey Palmer, Payton Ellis, Jacob Stanley-Gray and Robby Crawford finished in third, 2:27.28.

The Bears mixed things up on the 400-meter free relay with Stanley-Gray, Poulsen, Wood and Ryan Kerby racing together, they were first with a time of 4:23.81. Palmer, Ellis, Landon DeMain and Jaden Jeppesen placed third, 5:11.87.

In the 200-meter free relay the Bear teams once again took first and third positions as the first place team of Yepez, Jeppesen, Parkinson and Kerby swam a 2:01.84. The team of Mason Hulce, DeMain, Colton Tackett and Crawford came in third, 2:35.13.

The 200-meter free gave Wood a first place time of 2:23.91 while Poulsen was close behind in second place at 2:25.43. Poulsen also took first place in the 100-meter breast showing the Braves who was number one as he dominated at 1:25.78. Ellis swam past the competition in the 200-meter IM placing first at 2:49.37.

The quick 50-meter free gave three Bears top five finishes with Kerby in first, 28.10, Yepez in fourth, 29, and Jeppesen close behind at fifth, 29.26. Wood also took first in the 100-meter fly at 1:13.65 while Ellis finished second at 1:20.60.

During the 100-meter free Jeppesen came in first, 1:07.14, Yepez in second, 1:10.11, and Crawford in third, 1:13.01. Kerby also took first in the 400-meter free with a time of 5:15.10 while Stanley-Gray came in second position at 5:34.22.

Another first place finish came from Parkinson in the 100-meter back swimming 1:11.83 while Stanley-Gray took the second place finish at 1:21.29.

It was a tough night for the girls team as they only finished in three of the 11 events. Missy Roundy and Tausha Morris were the lone girls placing in the top five positions. Roundy placed second in the 50-meter, 32.85, and took first in the 100-meter breast having a huge lead with a time of 1:28.44. Morris came in third in the 50-meter free, 35.35, but also took first in the 100-meter free, 1:21.48.

The Bears hosted a tri-meet against Grantsville and Rowland Hall St. Marks last week and finished first in combined scores. The Bears beat Roland Hall 175 to 85 and Grantsville 182 to 106. The girls’ team tied with Rowland Hall at 57 points each and just missed taking first against Grantsville as they led the Bears 64-66. The boys’ team trampled both schools with a high score of 118, Rowland Hall 28 and Grantsville 40.

The Bears used the quick team of Ballard, Morris and both Roundy girls to finish first in the 200-meter medley, 2:33.32, and free relay, 2:18.65.

The 200-meter free gave Ballard a second place finish, 2:36.95. M. Roundy placed third, 2:40.51 and Morris was fourth, 2:56.19. Ashton Roundy swam to quick first place finishes in the 200-meter IM, 3:03.82, and the 100-meter back, 1:27.02. Wyanne DeMain placed fourth, 2:14.08.

Missy Roundy placed first in the 100-meter breast, 1:30.69, and Morris came in second in the 100-meter fly, 1:43.89. Ballard also took second in the 400-meter free, 6:13.48.

The boys finished first and third in the 200-meter medley relay. First place was Parkinson, Ellis, Poulsen and Yepez, 2:10.66. The team of Stanley-Gray, Stephens, Pitcher and Crawford finished third, 2:20.35. Wood, Poulsen, Ellis and Kerby took first in the 400-meter free relay, 4:26.22, while additional Bears took second, Jeppesen, DeMain, Palmer and Parkinson, 5:06.62.

The 200-meter free relay team of Yepez, Wood, Jeppesen and Kerby placed first, 1:58.80, while Pitcher, Stephens, Palmer and Stanley-Gray came in third, 2:05.04.

Individually the 200-meter free gave Kerby first, 2:18.78, Stephens second, 2:40.41 and Pitcher third, 2:56.53. Wood won a close first place finish in the 200-meter IM, 2:39.52. Palmer finished this race at 3:13.37. Wood also took first in the 100-meter fly, 1:12.67 while Poulsen came in second, 1:14.98.

For the 50-meter free race, Jeppesen came in second, 28.31, Stanley-Gray in third, 28.55 and Yepez in fourth, 28.66. The 100-meter free saw a strong race for the Bears as Jeppesen came in first while Stanley-Gray was second 1:05.62 and Stephens third. Parkinson was first in the 400-meter free while Colten Tackett placed second. The 100-meter back was dominated by Bears: Parkinson placed first and Kerby was second. Poulsen third and Ellis was fifth in the 100-meter breast.


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